Service and Yoga FAQs


Service & Yoga Fellowship (SYF)

Frequently Asked Questions

Expand your mind.  Challenge your concepts.  Find the freedom promised in seva or selfless service.  The Yoga & Service program is accepting applications for a wide range of work. In a friendly and caring atmosphere  come learn about yourself, acquire new skills and expand your horizons. 

What kind of community is the Boone International Center for Meditation and Well-Being?

The International Center for Meditation & Well-Being (“ICMWB or “the Center”) is a residential community dedicated to uplifting the human spirit through service, spirituality and community. It is the home of the Art of Living in the U.S. The Center offers conference and retreat facilities where various programs on self-development and spiritual practices are presented.

 The Center is also where people come to live and work in a spirit of selfless service.


What are the qualities looked for in a successful applicant for the Service and Yoga Fellowship? 


Successful candidates will demonstrate:

·       A spirit of generosity, strong service ethic, composure when under stress

·       Resourcefulness and an ability to work proactively and independently

·       A willingness to get the job done at all cost (including administrative tasks)

·       The ability to work independently

·       A commitment to the spiritual path


Eligibility requirements for the SYF  program include:

·       Completion of Application

·       Submission of 2 recommendations (work and Art of Living teacher)

·       Application fee

·       Proof of valid driver’s license    

·       Photo

The Service and Yoga program and daily schedule will keep you very busy, and it requires enthusiasm and hard work from the full time staff and volunteers alike.   While both living and working together offer many opportunities for personal growth and enrichment, we ask that all participants be able to meet the work service requirement while creating a respectful and healthy connection with members of the community.


I’m new to the Art of Living. May I still apply? What if I don’t know how to meditate?

Yes. An Art of Living retreat will be offered at a discounted student rate to jumpstart your program of discovery and service. An Art of Meditation course will be given at a discounted rate to those who haven’t yet learned how to meditate.

In what kind of service are Yoga & Service participants placed? What skills are learned?

The Yoga & Service program is structured in 6 week or 3 month segments. According to staffing needs and the skills of individual participants, one may work in the kitchen, guest services, landscaping, housekeeping, maintenance, the gardening, trails, administration, or other areas. 


Yoga & Service participants often learn a number of general, practical skills in the areas in which they work. Participants also encounter many opportunities to improve interpersonal communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and their overall sense of self-awareness and well-being. More specialized training is available over time if and when participants accept leadership positions within our staff.

What about staying on after the summer Yoga & Service program.  How would one become a longer term resident of the community?

After the completion of the summer 2013 3 month session,  a person may apply to extend his or her commitment for another session lasting 3, 6 or even 12 months of residency  and offers the opportunity for deeper engagement and greater responsibility within the community. During the extension program(s), residency is discussed on an individual basis, with the consideration of various factors. Some relevant factors include: a desire to live with an aim of service and the values of the community, as well as the ability to work positively with others and to take responsibility for the offerings of the Center. Other practical considerations include the availability of housing and work/service positions.

Are there opportunities for earning money during Yoga & Service Summer Program?   

While participants receive discounted rates on an introductory program and a free Art of Living Part 2 course at the end of the six weeks, money is not offered.

Will I need money during the program?  

Please have some pocket money on hand to cover personal expenses and trips, for instance, if you want to go into town. Since housing and food are provided, other expenses are minimal.

When can I participate in the Art of Living Part 2 course?

On finishing the summer 6 week session, a person can join the Art of Living Part 2 course in August or later.


What does a commitment to this program involve?

Those who have dedicated themselves to shaping and building this Center and its surrounding community care deeply about creating an environment of respect for spiritual disciplines and a commitment to the values of yoga. With this intention, the Center has guidelines and rules based on maintaining a safe and healthy environment. These involve committing to complete one’s work service assignment; to refrain from any harmful behavior toward oneself or others; to observe a vegetarian diet while at the Center; to abstain from using alcohol or illegal substances on Center property; to strive to maintain a positive attitude; and to observe relationships based on mutual respect.

These guidelines support the community’s values of clarity, mindfulness, and non-harming, which provide the foundation of spiritual life here at the Center. Everyone living in this community is encouraged to look honestly at themselves—at both the positive gifts they have to share as well as the areas in which they still need to develop and become more conscious.

If you decide to apply to the Service and Yoga program and are accepted, please come ready to commit yourself to these guidelines, the program, and the community.

Who can I speak with if I have more questions?

            You can call the center at 800-392-6870 or e-mail