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Upanishads & Shakti Kriya


Q. When does the ‘Upanishads 2013 & Shakti Kriya’ event start and end?

A. The event starts early morning on April 5th and ends on afternoon of April 8th. Please note Registration begins 2pm on Apr 4th. Please plan to arrive latest by the evening of Apr 4th as the event start early morning on Apr 5th. The event is expected to end by 3PM on April 8th. Please plan your trip accordingly.

Q. Is there separate registration for Upanishads and Shakti Kriya?

A. ‘Upanishads 2013 & Shakti Kriya’ is being offered together as one event. Separate Registration is not available.


Q. What are the pre-requisites to attend ‘Upanishads 2013 & Shakti Kriya’?

A. The pre-requisite to attend the ‘Upanishads and Shakti Kriya’ is 2 Art of Silence courses.


Q. How is the seating determined?

A. Seating priority is based on the date of registration. People registered earlier will be seated closer to the front for the Upanishads sessions.


Q. Are there scholarships or discounts being offered?

A. Sorry. There are no scholarships or discounts offered during Upanishads 2013.


Q. What is the fee? Is there an early bird discount that is being offered?

A. To attend the commentary on the Upanishads and learn Shakti Kriya, the fee  is $1,340 per person. And of this, $900 is tax deductible to the individual paying the registration fee. Beginning Mar 23, 2013, the payment increases to $1,740 per person, and of this $1,300 is tax deductible to the individual paying the registration fee. This fee includes all meals starting with dinner on Apr 4th, and ending with lunch on Apr 8th.  Note, the fee does not include accommodations at the International Center.


Q. What is the cancellation policy for the event?

A. The cancellation fee is $100. Refunds for the full registration amount, less the cancellation fee, will only be processed for cancellation notifications received on or before March 15th, 2013. No refunds will be processed for cancellation notifications received after March 15th, 2013.


Q. Will child care be provided?

A. Details regarding child-care will be announced soon. For updates, please check back on the website in a few weeks.



Q. Where can I find all the various information related to 'Upanishads 2013 & Shakti Kriya'?

A. Please visit the event website.


Q. Whom can I contact, if I have questions regarding the event?

A. For general queries, please send an email to upanishad2013@us.artofliving.org.

For housing queries, please send an email to upanishad2013.housing@us.artofliving.org

For further questions, please contact us on 1-888-278-6354 Ext-4





Q. How do I register online?

A. Please visit our web page or click here.


Q. Where will the on-site registration desk be located at the venue and what are the timings?

A. We encourage everyone to register online in advance. This will avoid "event full "disappointments. Location of the onsite registration desk in the center premises will be sent to all the participants prior to their arrival.


Q. When do I arrive to check-in and register?

A. Registration desk will open at 2PM on April 4th. Upanishad sessions will start early morning on April 5th.


Q. Does the event fee include meals?

A. Event fee includes all meals, starting with dinner on Apr 4th, breakfast, lunch and dinner on 5th, breakfast, lunch, dinner on Apr 6th, breakfast, lunch, dinner on Apr 7th and ending with lunch on Apr 8th. The event fee does not include housing.


Q. Do I need to bring anything with me to complete my registration on-site?

A. Please bring a photo ID with you, as it is required to complete your registration. A separate ID will be required for each member of the family to complete registration. It is also advisable to bring the e-mail confirmation you received when you registered on-line or have it available on a mobile device. Parents/Guardians will be registering their children for family housing; hence ID for children is not required for registration.

Q. My family member or friend registered me for the event will they need to be there with me when I check in?

A. All participants must be registered on-line under their own name.  If somebody else has completed the on-line registration for you in his or her name, please contact us at upanishad2013@us.artofliving.org immediately, so this can be corrected and your registration process is not delayed.

Q. I registered my spouse/family member/friend under my name?

A. It is required that all participants have registered on-line under their own name. If you registered a friend or family member on-line under your name, please contact us at upanishad2013@us.artofliving.org immediately.

Q. Can I complete the registration process for my friend/family member, etc?

A. Each adult event participant will need to sign their own registration form when they arrive at the registration desk.

Q. I plan to register on-site and pay when I arrive there, will this be permitted?

A. Yes. However, we will be able to accept on-site registrations only if we still have open spots.  It is highly advisable for you to register on-line as soon as possible as the event is filling up quickly.

Q. How can I pay if I register for the event on the spot?

A. We will only be able to accept payments via cash or credit card. No personal checks will be accepted



Q. How do I book a room to stay within the International Center for Meditation & Well Being premises?


A. Accommodation in the International Center for Meditation & Well Being is limited and available on first come first serve basis. Check-in is on Apr 4th evening and check-out on Apr 8th morning. All housing will be shared, with 4 people per room. Men and women will be housed separately.

The housing can be booked at the time of online registration for course participants.

For families with children, if you wish to book housing for the family members coming with you, please contact us at upanishad2013.housing@us.artofliving.org.



Q. What kind of accommodation will I get at the International Center for Meditation and Well-Being?

A. At the International Center for Meditation and Well-Being, shared accommodation is available. You will be provided with either a bed or a mattress. Sleeping bags are not allowed.



Q. Can people choose roommates?

A. If you are staying at the International Center for Meditation & Well Being, you will be asked to mention your preferred room-mate’s name during the registration process. We will do our best to accommodate your preference. The team will help facilitate room sharing.



Q. I am traveling with my kids. Is there a family housing option?


A. Yes, limited family housing for course participants, their children under 18 years of age and accompanying adult caretakers, is available on a first come first serve basis. Please note that Family Housing is only available for course participants and their families. To reserve Family housing, please write to upanishad2013.housing@us.artofliving.org .



Q. I paid for housing at the Center. When will I get my room assignment?

A. If you have paid for housing at the Center, your room assignment will also be provided at the time of check-in on Apr 4th.

Q. Are there lockers available at the International Center for Meditation and Well-Being?


A. Lockers are not available at the International Center for Meditation and Well-Being. We encourage that you do not bring any valuables.  Please be mindful that rooms don’t have locks. You may bring a lock for your suitcase, if you wish. Please label each item you bring with your name. This will help identify items, in case they are misplaced.



Q. What is the hotel check-in and check-out time?

A. Please check with the specific hotel you have booked with.

Q. Does the event fee include housing?

A. The event fee includes event related expenses and food for the event duration: starting with dinner on Apr 4th and ending with lunch on Apr 8th. It does not include accommodation. You may book housing at the International Center for an additional cost at the time of online registration.


Q. I want to change my room. What should I do?

A. For those staying in the International Center for Meditation & Well Being, please speak to the hospitality team.


Q. Who should I contact, in case I need something during the event?

A. Please contact Hospitality desk. Location of the hospitality desk will be shared with you at the time of arrival.


Parking & Transportation

Q. Is there parking at the International Center for Meditation & Well Being Premises?

A. There is limited participant parking at the International Center for Meditation and Well-Being. We request people to carpool as much as possible. Art of Living / VVM assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles parked at the parking lot within the International Center for Meditation and Well-Being. Parking details will be announced soon.


Q.  Would any transportation be provided?

A. Shuttles will be made available only between the Charlotte Douglas airport (CLT) and the International Center in Boone at an additional cost to the course participants. 

Please note that:

·       The trip between CLT and the International Center is approximately 2.5 hours by shuttle.

·       All reservations must be completed by March 22, 2013, to ensure a seat on these shuttles.

            ·       Children of ages 4 and under travel free. However, reservation is required. Please select appropriate option while making the reservation.

·       The payment you make is non-refundable.


From Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) to the International Center in Boone on Thursday, April 4th:






From Charlotte (CLT)

April 4th



Reserve Seats

From Charlotte (CLT)

April 4th

03:00 PM


Reserve Seats

From Charlotte (CLT)

April 4th

06:00 PM


Reserve Seats

From Charlotte (CLT)

April 4th

09:00 PM


Reserve Seats


From the international Center in Boone to Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) on Monday, April 8th:






From Charlotte (CLT)

April 8th

03:00 PM


Reserve Seats

From Charlotte (CLT)

April 8h

05:00 PM


Reserve Seats



Q. Is there a public transportation provision from Charlotte airport (CLT) to Boone, in case my arrival time does not match with the shuttle timings?

A. Yes. Shuttle services such as Hickory Hop are available from Charlotte airport (CLT) to Boone.



Q. How can I get in touch with other travelers?


A. Please click here to visit the Forums page to communicate with other participants.



Q. What is the recommended airport for domestic travel?

A. Charlotte Douglas airport (CLT). This is US airways hub and there are direct flights from most of the cities in US.


 Q. Which is the nearest Airport?

 A. Distances from near-by airports to Boone.


International airports near Boone, NC

80 miles: Charlotte/Douglas International Airport - Charlotte, NC (CLT / KCLT)

163 miles: Raleigh-Durham International Airport - Morrisville, NC (RDU / KRDU)

233 miles: Myrtle Beach International Airport - Myrtle Beach, SC (MYR / KMYR)

235 miles: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport - Atlanta, GA (ATL / KATL)


Domestic airports near Boone, NC

45 miles: Tri-Cities Regional Airport - Blountville, TN (TRI / KTRI)

72 miles: Asheville Regional Airport - Asheville, NC (AVL / KAVL)

80 miles: Charlotte/Douglas International Airport - Charlotte, NC (CLT / KCLT)

96 miles: Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport - Greenville, SC (GSP / KGSP)

97 miles: Piedmont Triad International Airport - Greensboro, NC (GSO / KGSO)


Local airports near Boone, NC

28 miles: Foothills Regional Airport - Morganton, NC (MRN / KMRN)

32 miles: Wilkes County - Wilkesboro, NC (IKB)

37 miles: Hickory Regional Airport - Hickory, NC (HKY / KHKY)



Q. Are the meals for course days covered in the course fee?

A. Course fee includes all meals for the course days, starting with Apr 4th Dinner and ending with Apr 8th Lunch. Family Members/non course participants registered to stay at the International center will also have meals at the center. The housing fee includes meals from Apr 4th Dinner to Apr 8th Lunch.


Q. Will the food be Vegetarian?

A. All food provided will be wholesome and vegetarian.


Q. Will there be water fountains in the premises?

A. Yes. There will be water dispensers around the meditation hall/ Course venue.


Q. I have some special foods/snacks I want to bring for myself and/or my family. Is there a place to store the items?

A. You can bring non perishable healthy food items which do not need refrigeration. E.g. Fruits, fresh nuts, granola, wheat or multi grain crackers, cereal / protein bars.



Q. I forget to bring something, what can I do? Can I run to the store during the course to pick up needed items?

A. Please check if the item is available at our Boutique. If not, you can write down the needed items and give your request to the hospitality desk. There will be envelopes and index cards at the desk available for this purpose. Include the amount of money needed to purchase the item and the hospitality team will purchase the item within 24 hours of your request and hold the item for you at the desk.


Q. What if I lose something during the event?

A. It is best not to bring valuable items to the event. Whenever possible, write your name and contact information on commonly used items so that they are not mistaken for others and they are easily returned to you. Most importantly, be mindful and double check that you have all your items with you before leaving. Double check all areas to make sure that nothing has been left behind. There will also be a lost and found at the hospitality desk.


Q. Do I need to label my belongings?

A. We recommend that you label your belongings with your name. This will help identify your items easily, in-case they are misplaced.


Q. If I hurt myself or get sick, what should I do?

A. Notify the hospitality desk immediately.


Q. What if I miss an important announcement or schedule changes. How will I know what's going on?

A. Important announcements and changes will be posted at the hospitality desk. You can check for daily updates and get information.



Q. I would like to be part of the seva team during Upanishads. How can I register for seva /volunteering?

A. Please click here to fill out the Volunteer Application.


In & Around the International Center for Meditation & Well Being

Q. How far is the walk from Meditation/Course hall to the dining room?

A. It is a 2 minute walk from the Meditation/Course hall to the dining room. It is suggested to carry a flash-light in the evenings.


Q. Where is the ‘Lost & Found’ desk?

A. By the Hospitality Desk.


Q. Are there elevators in the buildings where participants will be staying?

A. There are no elevators in the building where participants will be staying within the International Center for Meditation and Well-being. We encourage all participants to pack light.


Q. Is the International Center for Meditation and Well-Being handicap accessible?

A. International Center will be made handicap accessible as much as possible. However, there are a few areas where the center has some stairs. Dining area is separate from the Meditation/Course hall. There will be internal shuttle services provided for the elderly and those needing it.


Q. Items that you will need at the venue:

A. It is recommended that you carry the following items:


·       Prepare to layer and plan for Air Conditioning.

·       Light sweater / shawls for early mornings and late evenings

·       Comfortable walking shoes

·       Any personal items you may need for being away from home (toiletries etc)


Q. Anything else - other considerations:

A. Yes, please plan to carry the following items as necessary:

·       Earplugs if you are a light sleeper and sharing a room with people you do not know

·       Flash-light, insect repellent, sun-glasses, umbrella

·       Medication/prescriptions

·       Your family emergency contact information if necessary


Q. Are there any good vegetarian friendly restaurants near the International Center for Meditation and Well-Being?




Phone Number

Food served

Hob Nob Farm Cafe

506 W King St, Boone


Lacto, Ovo, International, Juice bar

Coyote Kitchen

200 Southgate Dr, Boone 


 American, Southwest Caribbean

Black Cat

127 S Depot St, Boone


Burrito, Mexican

Espresso News and Mosaic Books

267 Howard St, Boone 


Café, snacks, desserts only


664 W King St, Boone


Breakfast/Brunch Place

Our Daily Bread

627 West King St, Boone


 Lacto, Ovo, mostly soups, salads and bread

Earth Fare

178 W King St, Boone


 Healthy supermarket, open hot and cold bar

Cha Da Thai

161 Howard St, Boone



Red Onion Cafe

227 Hardin St, Boone


American, Italian, mix

Mellow Mushroom

805 W. King S, Boone


Pizza, sandwiches, salads/ subs

Story Street Grille

1167 Main St, Blowing Rock





Q. What are the taxi service numbers in Boone?

A. Here are a few taxi service numbers:

Appalachian Cab, Boone: 828-963-2422

Ashe County Transportation Authority: 336-846-2422

Avery County Transportation: 828-733-0005

Blowing Rock Airport Services: 828-295-7032

Car/Motorcycle Rental Enterprise Rent-a-car, Boone: 828-268-9761

Action Cycle Sports: 828-262-1558

Blue Ridge Parkway Road Conditions: 828-298-0398

Statewide: 511


Q. Are there any public transit services available?

A. AppalCART County-wide Bus Service: 828-264-2278

    Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation: 336-662-0002


Q. What are the banks serving the area?

A. Bank of America: 800-432-1000

Bank of Granite: 828-496-2000

BB&T: 800-226-5228

Blue Ridge Savings Bank: 888-726-2435

Fifth Third Bank: 800-601-8471

First Citizens Bank: 888-323-4732

High Country Bank: 828-263-8900

Highlands Union Bank: 276-628-9181

Life Store: 800-723-4718

Mountain 1st Bank & Trust: 828-697-3100

RBC Bank USA: 828-262-4800

Wachovia Bank: 800-922-4684


Q. What are the pharmacies in Boone?

A. Boone Drug:  828-264-3055, 828-264-8929, 828-264-9144, 828-264-3766

CVS: 828-262-0900

RiteAid: 828-264-4751

Village Pharmacy: 828-295-3482

Walgreens: 828-268-0727


Q. Where can I find Locksmiths in Boone, in case I get locked out of my car?

A. Boone Alan Locksmith: 828-262-0136

Storie Lock & Key, Banner Elk: 828-898-4004


Q. Are there any visitor centers or such resources in Boone?


Boone Convention and Visitors Bureau: 815W, King St, Suite10, Boone. 1800-852-9506 www.visitboonenc.com

High Country Host: 1700 Blowing Rock Rd, Boone. 828-264-1299 www.mountainsofnc.com

Blowing Rock Visitor Center: 7738 Valley Blvd, Blowing Rock. 877-750-INFO www.blowingrock.com


Divine Store/Shankara/Ayurvedic Spa/Boutique

Q. Where will the Divine Store, Shankara & Ayurvedic Spa be located?

A. A map with locations will be shared at the time of arrival/ at registration desk.

Q. Are there any books, tapes or gifts available?

A. Yes, you may buy gifts, books, knowledge tapes at our Divine store.


Vedic Wedding

Q. Where can I find details about Vedic Wedding?

A. For details, you can always email us at upanishad2013@us.artofliving.org.