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The Art of Living Retreat

 Practical tools to deal with daily challenges. Interactive sessions and relaxation exercises: yoga, stretching, meditation, and a powerful breathing technique – the Sudarshan Kriya ®.

Rejuvenate body, steady breath, calm mind, transcend intellect, sharpen memory and increase joy in your life.


August 30 - Sept. 2

October 18-20

November 29 - December 1

The Art of Meditation Retreat 


 “Meditation is the journey from sound to silence, from movement to stillness.” – Sri Sri
The Art of Meditation (AOM) is a powerful yet effortless technique that allows the conscious mind to experience the silent depths of its own nature. It can be practiced anywhere you can sit comfortably with your eyes closed. The profound relaxation the practice of AOM brings to the mind and body results in clearer thinking, increased energy, enhanced performance, better physical health, improved relationships and greater peace of mind.


September 20-22 Art of Meditation Retreat

October 25-27 Art of Meditation Retreat