Widows Peak Retreat - June 6, 7, 8

Three Glorious Days

Two Magical Nights

One Simple Goal — Total Elevation of Mind, Body & Health!

June 6-8, Join seven renowned authors, thought leaders, and teachers for a life-changing experience . . .

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Widows Peak is an uplifting, thought provoking, and soul-centering weekend retreat, specially designed for anyone who has lost a partner and wants to take a meaningful step forward.

But it’s not only sitting and listening. You’ll be rubbing shoulders with thought leaders and mentors throughout the weekend, and enjoying hands-on sessions. You will  gain empowering tools for stress relief, laughter, self-love, and gratitude. And you’ll be entertained by singer-songwriter Beth Nielsen Chapman, the Grammy-nominated writer of numerous Top 10 hits, who has her own stories to tell. With additional options for creative activities, healing massages, cooking demonstrations, and walks in the surrounding woods, you owe it to yourself to enjoy this unique event. You may never be the same.


What Your Weekend Includes


Optional Activities Include ...

Widows Peak Retreat Sunrise Landscape
  • Sculpting
  • Painting
  • Vegetarian Cooking Demonstrations
  • Sunrise Yoga and Meditation for all levels. 
  • Strolls among the ancient pines.

On a special mountain that has long been regarded for its special healing

energies and nurturing beauty, you will join with others to enjoy...

·      Wisdom from seven extraordinary authors, thought leaders, and mentors

·      A choice of specialized workshops and hands-on breakout session.   

·      Vegetarian delicacies, including ingredients picked onsite from the

·      Retreat Center’s own garden

·      Musicinspirationdance, and release

·      Free time each day to socialize, explore the grounds and surrounding

       stillness, relax, or take advantage of several onsite activities



And, through the Retreat Center’s Blue Heaven Spa, three carefully selected spa services are available to attendees, for an additional charge. These therapeutic and restorative offerings were chosen to work in harmony with the themes of the weekend and enhance both your health and well-being.



Begins: 5pm, Friday

Concludes: 3:30pm, Sunday


And Meet Your Mentors . . .

Widow's Peak Retreat Audrey Pellicano

Audrey Pellicano — Things Are Looking UP!

Audrey Pellicano is a Registered Nurse, transitions mentor, and life coach, with a Masters in health science. Widowed at the age of 37, with four young children, Audrey experienced an absence of support in the traditional system, and pursued complimentary therapies in guided imagery, yoga, meditation, and nutrition. Having implemented those tools through her own grief journey, her invigorating workshops and programs help participants step into a new and brighter version of themselves, with practical tools for mind, body, and health. The author of Six Steps to Surviving Widowhood, her work has appeared in the New York Times and on PBS. wisewidow.com/



 Lillah Schwartz - Movement from Within.

Accomplished Yoga instructor, mentor, and author, Lillah brings the benefits of her 30 years’ training. She is the founder and director of Transformation Yoga Trainings, and yoga therapy teacher trainings with the National Yoga Alliance. Producer of two DVD’s and a book for Healing our Backs with Yoga TM, Lillah offers the science and spirit of yoga wisdom to thousands who have become pain-free from her heartfelt instruction. Lillah has the ability to help each aspiring student understand how to apply the principles of yoga to their own unique situation by learning the value of alignment, and accessing their inner wisdom to heal from the inside out. yogawithlillah.com/


Widow's Peak Retreat Lorna Bell

Lorna Bell — What They Tell Us: Truths from the Lips of the Dying.

A Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Nurse, Lorna Bell is the author of five books. Her session is uplifting, faith-affirming, and soul-stirring, as she shines a bright light on the five universal lessons learned at the bedside of the dying. Serving as a Minister of Consolation at her church, she also assists at her local funeral home, and facilitates a yoga program for people with disabilities.



Widow's Peak Retreat Anne Farrow

Anne Farrow — Love Is Not an Emotion - it is Your Very Existence

Anne Farrow is a retired RN, who for the past 18 years has traveled across the U.S. teaching meditation, silence and stress reduction programs for the Art of Living Foundation. With an authentic, heart-centered style, she shares wisdom and profoundly effective techniques that have helped thousands of people quiet their busy minds, move past negative thinking, and cultivate the tools to live more joyful, fulfilling lives. She currently lives on the mountain year-round, where she also owns and runs the Carolina Mountain Lodge Bed and Breakfast. artofliving.org


Widows Peak Retreat Carol

Carol Scibelli — Poor Widow Me

Carol Scibelli is an award-winning author and comedy writer who understands how devastating it is to suffer the loss of a spouse. Her seminars about grieving are surprisingly entertaining and upbeat, emphasizing the positive milestones widows and widowers experience during the grieving process. Carol points out that we may have lost our spouse, but we havenʼt lost ourselves. Her blog, POOR WIDOW ME, became so popular, she was encouraged to turn it into a book. It is now in development to become a play with music. carolscibelli.com/


Widow's Retreat Beth N. Chapman

Beth Nielsen Chapman — Creativity as a Path to Healing

As a singer-songwriter, Beth Nielsen Chapman has released a number of albums, and has written numerous Top 10 hits for others, including co-writing Faith Hill’s No. 1 song, “This Kiss.” Her songs have been covered by Trisha Yearwood, Martina McBride, Bette Midler, Neil Diamond, and many others. Her song, “Sand and Water,” was written after her husband’s Ernest’s death from cancer. It was a charting single and has been featured on the sountrack of a couple TV shows, including ER, and Elton John performed it during his 1997 world tour. Her own records include Hymns, sung in Latin; Prism, a double CD that looks at the world’s religions and features Beth singing in nine different languages; The Mighty Sky, a Grammy-nominated album “for children of all ages,” about the universe and astronomy, partly co-written with Rocky Alvey, the director of the Vanderbilt University’s Dyer Observatory; and many others. bethnielsenchapman.com/


widows peak retreat

Angie Cartwright — Embracing Your Humanity

Learning the hard way that grievers are often misunderstood, Angie is committed to help change how our culture understands and views grief. She is a grief advocate and offers comfort to people all around the world through social media, her website, and her Grief Release Course. "I finally realized that there was only one thing I could ever do to be free," shares Angie.  "It was to embrace my humanness." Angie Cartwright is the founder of National Grief Awareness Day, occurring on her mother's birthday of August 30 of each year. www.griefawarenessday.com/


See Beth Nielsen Chapman performing "Sand and Water"



Widows Peak Retreat


Where You Will Be . . .

Widows Peak Retreat Center Mountains

The Art of Living Retreat Center sits on 381 acres in the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, in an area that has been long been known for its uplifting healing energies. The Center is built around programs and offerings that reduce stress, expand awareness and joy, and provide an increased sense of well-being and peace. With its wide range of lodging options, serene meditation halls, wholesome vegetarian cuisine, a holistic Ayurvedic spa, hiking trails, panoramic mountain views, and unique retreat offerings, the Art of Living Retreat Center has become a refuge of self-renewal for its many visitors from around the world.

Widows Peak Is NOT . . .

1. Not a “Conference” or “Seminar”

Words like conference and seminar can imply long hours of sitting and listening to long talks while shifting in your seat. Days of breathing stale air without leaving the hotel. Limp uninspired food on a covered plate. This weekend will not be like that.

2. Not Superficial

Widows Peak was founded on the principle of creating authentic, meaningful interactions through rich, original, and compelling content. Many of our presenters came to their material because the traditional means of dealing with grief were ineffective. Widows Peak goes beyond surface strategies, and honors the important connection between the mind and body.

3. Not Catharsis

We don’t aim to take participants back through the pain. Our experts will be sensitive to the wide range of feelings you may have, but they are primarily taking steps forward, honoring the life that is here as a gift worth living.

4. Not a Luxury Hotel or Spa

While our facilities include some extraordinary architecture, and the accommodations are modern, clean, and comfortable, as a retreat center, we purposely strip away distractions  (like flat-screen TVs and telephones in every room) so you can get back in touch with nature, and yourself, and go deeper into the material being offered. And while we do offer rejuvenating massage, oil therapies, and facials, our delicious and wholesome menu has been designed to increase your energy and elevate your mood — not your waist line.

5. Not an Escape

It’s good to get away from it all . . . in order to get back to what really matters. Matters of the heart. Gratitude. Connecting with others. When you give yourself permission to feel good for no particular reason, the need to bury troubles in food, drink, or busy distractions melts away.

6.  Not Rushed

There is plenty to do, for sure. But you choose, and at your own pace. Just being on this mountain is a healing experience in itself. As the saying goes, if you’re looking for someone to change your life, look in the mirror. You owe it to yourself to rest and make time for things that can really make a difference.

Call Now . . .

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($995 includes all meals, lodging, and taxes.)


A new beginning — no matter where you are with your loss, don’t you owe this to yourself?

Presenters subject to change. The Art of Living Retreat Center is a non-smoking, non-alcoholic environment.