July 31,2011-QA 16

Jai Gurudev. Recently I visited Kolkata after 8 years and when I visited the State house (Purabhawana) according to the statement by the government, there are 32 lakhs of Bangladeshis’ in the city itself. In Kashmir, in our own country we are refugees. In the south in several districts the so called majority have become the minority. And then only one community the governments rules are applied. Until now according to my knowledge the so called majority communities have neither troubled nor thrown a stone at any other community. Despite this only one community has to follow all the rules of the Government. We are reducing in populations. What is the cure for this? How to change this?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

To cure this you need unity. We are not united. If everyone come together and engages in constructive work, then it is possible. Then we must take pride in our culture. We do not show respect, we do not meditate. There is nobody to study our scriptures. You just go to the temple and break a coconut as a blind ritual and get back home. One should go and sit and meditate in the temple and listen to the spiritual talks there. Ask yourselves how many children have been taught this. How many children have learnt Gita? No child knows about Bhagavad-Gita. So people like you should come in the front and start the work. To induce people to acquire knowledge and meditation should be done. This will unite people. You will see what a great energy it will bring about. Did you all see the Berlin festival? How many of you saw this festival of our 30 years celebration in Berlin. How many of you saw it? If you have not seen it see it in the Youtube . Yes I will tell them to show once again in the Kannada channel after translating the talks in Kannada.
Crops are failing. The direction in which the country is going is not alright. For all this there will be a big revolution, be brave.