Each experience completes. Completion means leading to void or nothing. In the progression of life, you will leave behind every experience saying, "This is nothing." Anything that is completed loses its importance. That is to say it leads you to void - this is nothing. A sign of intelligence is how soon you arrive at this understanding. Examine everything in life and say "This is nothing" and what remains after all that, is Love, and that is everything. When "This is nothing" does not come out of knowledge, it comes out of misery. Either through knowledge or through misery, you come to the point of "This is nothing, this is nothing". The choice is yours. If you got this, it is really NOTHING, If you didn't get this, never mind - this is nothing. (laughter)

Guruji visited Ulaan Bataar, capital of Mongolia, on a two-day state visit and was received by the first President of the Mongolian Republic and a few members of parliament. Though the flight was delayed by five hours, thousands waited at the National Opera House, where Guruji was driven straight from the airport. Even though he had traveled such a long distance, there was not a trace of tiredness as he greeted the cheering crowd. Meetings and satsangs at Ulaan Bataar were filled with gratitude. A 10 year old boy, who was deaf for several years, regained his hearing! On April 29th, Guruji was received by Mongolia's highest Buddhist leader, His Holiness The Hamba Lama Choijamts at the Gandan monastery. The Lama, in his welcome address, noted that Guruji's work has brought so much peace and strength to the people of Mongolia.