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  1. Meditation Q&A-: Cyber

    Name:  Cyber Question:  What is the sign of progress in meditation? SME:  Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Language English Like the nature when it is steady, there is a peace; when your senses are steady, there is a peace. Meditation can happen where there is harmon ...
  2. Meditation Q&A-: Kamna

    Name:  Kamna Question:  What are the benefits of meditation? SME:  Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Language English You don’t get blood pressure and health problems. The mind becomes clear, intuition develops, obstacles and negative influences due to the planets are ...
  3. Meditation Q&A-: Harish

    Name:  Harish Question:  What is meditation? SME:  Sri Sri Ravi Sgankar Language English A mind that is in the present moment, alert, without agitation, hesitation and anticipation is meditation. A mind that has become no mind and has come back to its sou ...
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