How to develop your personality with meditation?

Have you seen a hamster running on the hamster wheel and thought your life was quite like that—running all the time but reaching nowhere? So, isn’t it time to get off the wheel and walk the life you’ve dreamed of? Sometimes, the bridge between these two lives lies within us and only we can build it. Our personality, an expression of who we are and not just how we look, then becomes a determining factor. Would you not like to have a say on something that can make all the difference in your life? If yes, then meditation can be your power of speech.

How meditation affects different aspects of our personality is quite interesting to know! Meditation to us is supplying electricity to a light bulb. Meditation is quite like the act of switching on the supply. It helps us tap an endless reservoir of energy that we are made of. When we get in touch with our energy core, our filament-like self gets charged, and that radiates as the charming qualities of our personality—both physical and mental. How meditation sharpens each of these aspects is discussed in detail for you in this article.

#1 Confidence

To be our confident self, we’ll first have to find what’s holding us back? Failures? A lost chance? Not been able to live up to people’s expectations? Belittled and considered worthless?! All these moments in themselves can be very overwhelming. But do you notice that these were just moments in our life that don’t exist anymore. They start poisoning our mind only when we keep holding on to them like someone holding on to garbage. When you meditate, it becomes easier to let go of hurtful experiences. “Meditation can make you feel completely new because you start living in this moment, which is the field of all possibilities”, quotes Priya Rao, Sahaj Meditation teacher. When you experience how powerful you are, then, needless to say, you feel confident. Meditation makes you experience that confidence and courage.

#2 Optimism

Have you noticed how doubt brings negativity? When you start doubting your efforts or capabilities, that’s when you start feeling worthless. One way to break this vicious cycle of thoughts is meditation. Priya Rao, our meditation expert, says, “Meditation pumps your energy, and high energy is a sign of positivity. Doubts and negative thoughts don’t stand a chance when you are positive”. And that can change your outlook towards life, help you find opportunities in challenges. On a subtler level, like attracts like, so when you are positive, you automatically attract positivity. And that reflects in your personality and more opportunities come along the way. Know more on how to make optimism your way of life

#3 Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

Have you felt good when you did something that you liked vis-à-vis something that you had to do as an obligation? Radhika Srivastava, International Faculty, the Achieving Personal Excellence (APEX) program believes that while commitments have their own place in our lives, knowing who we are and what we really want from life makes us aware of our limitations and helps us strive for excellence. “In meditation, we get in touch with our higher self. You discover your passion, something that gives you a splash of freshness in this mundane life”, remarks Priya Rao. In a way, meditation makes your life more fulfilling because it helps you hear your heart’s yearning. When you are happy, you can complete even the most mundane of tasks in no time and are also able to find me-time to do things that define you. When you find fulfillment in life, it shows on your face, and in your personality.

#4 Compassion

An unexpected favor from someone when you are a worked up – doesn’t that make you feel good? It blossoms that "something" within you that makes you happy. That’s one aspect of compassion – being compassionate to the one in front of us. Another aspect is to be compassionate to the one within. Meditation helps nurture the seed of compassion that’s already there. “Accepting that everyone, including us, has flaws helps us love ourselves”, expresses Radhika Srivastava. An undying spirit of enthusiasm ensures success in the long term and shines through our personality. And a person who is soft on himself and others is always a pleasure to be around. Know more on how to be more compassionate

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