Meditation Can Fulfil Your Wish List

If meditation could change one thing about you, what would you want it to be?

Life is an interesting journey of discovering who we are and the world we are in. It begins with curiosity and ends in amazement. This journey is one of evolution. The body changes, the mind changes, the world around us also changes. However, we do have a choice on what we want to change.

Let’s have a look at the wish lists of a few people who were asked this question: ‘If meditation could change one thing about you, what would you want it to be?’ Interestingly, and it’s true, meditation can help fulfil their wishes.

#1: A designer from Croatia, Plakor Kovacevic’s choice was slow aging.

The quest for ways to look and feel young shows up in the first person spoken to. Meditation sustains vitality in the physical body. It brings freshness and enthusiasm in the mind, which is the quality of the youth. It makes us conscious of the eternal nature of the spirit – it never dies. So, in more than one way, this is a choice that meditation can fulfil.

#2: For Eben Felix, a travel writer, whose goal is to capture every moment with infinite depth, time seems to be the restricting factor. He would like to perceive things in space and not time.

Time is one of the greatest mysteries in this creation. We have all experienced how time flies when we are happy. When we are sad, every minute seems to be unending. However, when we meditate, we transcend time.

#3: Aditi, one of the many women seeking to strike a harmonious balance between work and family life, yet pursuing her own hobbies, chooses to be more peaceful and have control over her mind.

The mind has a tendency to oscillate between the past and the future. However, it is only the present moment which is the field of action. Can we smile yesterday or tomorrow? We can smile ‘now’, isn’t it? Meditation is the key to bringing the mind to the present moment where we can have a say over our mind.

#4: Ivana from Croatia wants inner peace and emotional stability.

Peace and stability are by-products of meditation. The more and more centered we become, the less likely we will be shaken by the events in our life. Meditation is like having an umbrella. Challenges will come, yet we can move ahead with a smile, come rain or sun.

#5: Getting slim and in shape is Stuti’s wish.

Having a healthy body, reducing excess weight, is a very common wish. Normally, one associates reduction of weight with eating less or eating differently, and physical exercises. It is not easy to understand how meditation can help to lose weight. The secret is in the fact that meditation restores harmony and balance in the body and mind. So, a person who is overweight will tend to lose weight and one who is underweight will gain it. It is a very interesting phenomenon, better experienced than spoken about.

#6: Rishabh Verma, a student, wants the ability to smile through every situation so that success comes easy to him.

Obstacles are not always hindrances. They often form stepping stones to success. However, it greatly depends on our ability to see situations as they are and our skill in navigating them. Both of these qualities blossom naturally through meditation. Besides, meditation certainly brings with it a luck factor which is one of the secret ingredients in any recipe for success.

#7: Kratika Mishra, a business woman, wants to balance conflicting priorities at home and work place.

Balance is effortless when we meditate. Conflicts dissolve in our presence when we meditate. Life is full of love, joy and enthusiasm when we meditate.

With so many benefits, one can almost sing effortlessly through life.

#8: Komal Kaur, an office-goer, wants to enhance her singing ability.

Talents flourish when we meditate. Skills develop when we meditate. With meditation, you can explore the depths of your untapped potential and creativity.

So, what better time to start than now?

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Helpful Meditation Tips

Meditation is possible at any time of the day, although mornings could be a good time as meditating then would keep you fresh and energetic all day.

You could meditate anywhere - a plane, a car, or your office cabin. Make sure you pick up a quiet place to avoid distractions. This would help to go deeper in your meditation.

Meditation is always more effective in a group. You could form your own meditation group. This will also ensure that you keep up with your practice everyday.

Inspired by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's wisdom talks

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