Tips To Heal You When You're Depressed (Part 3)

Prequel article how to deal with depression.

#7 Food That You Eat

Did you know that your food has a major impact on your mind and body? A freshly cooked meal, especially one that is prepared with love and garnished with a smile, is the recipe for healthy living. Food is energy, and the energy with which the food is cooked, positive or negative, is what will reflect in your health. How about chanting "Om Namah Shivayah" three times before you start cooking? It is a very powerful mantra to uplift one's spirit. Avoid force-feeding yourself food that you don't really want; choose to eat food that you know will make you happy.

"Fruits like papaya and banana and veggies like pumpkin and cucumber are advisable. Fasting on fruits, fresh vegetables, and juices can uplift the quality of your consciousness and boost your prana (life force) levels phenomenally", adds Dr. Shiksha Thakur, Ayurveda Physician and Nadi Parikshak.

#8 Spend More Time With The Sun

Did you know that good enough exposure to sunlight can lead to an undying smile? It stimulates your hypothalamus (or, simply put, uplifts your mood) and can also bring balance to your sleep and appetite. Dr. Neena, general physician and CST practitioner, mentions that taking a walk every day early in the morning, when there is enough sunshine, can set the tone for a happy day. You can even choose to exercise outdoors. Your cells are waiting to breathe fresh air. Did you wish the Sun good morning today?

#9 Check Whether You Are Suffering From Another Ailment

When we are depressed, it might seem that the only reason is depression. But it could be that the cause of your depression is an illness you might be suffering from. For instance, some medicines for PCOS can trigger extreme mood swings. It is a good idea to research a little more than to blindly believe what you have been told, or do a self-diagnosis of depression. Seeking the opinion of more than one doctor can help you understand the cause of your depression better.

You might also want to get your Vitamin D3 and B12 levels tested. Low levels of these can cause or aggravate depression.

#10 Start Small

Every big achievement has a small beginning. Just as the beginnings of a tree lay in the planting of a seed, the secret to your recovery lies in the fact that you start small. You can start with doing things that once pleased or rejuvenated you.

Visiting a spa, listening to instrumental music, or getting a makeover are ways to uplift your mood. Singing can also bring harmony in mind, body, and spirit. Shopping with your friends can actually make you feel a shift in your energy.

In difficult times such as these, your mind will oscillate a lot between the past and the future. Sitting with your loved ones, interacting on a video call if they are away, or even talking on the phone can be such a stress-buster.

How I Challenged Depression With Sudarshan Kriya

- Kushank S.. Negi

There was a time when things were going pretty good and I couldn't have felt any better. My enthusiasm and confidence were skyrocketing… before it hit rock bottom.

I started doubting the people I knew cared for me. Thoughts of people conspiring against me would fill my mind and culminate into many sleepless nights. I was becoming paranoid and the world around me seemed to shatter. It was a case of severe depression and life wasn't good anymore...until…

Until I did my first Sudarshan Kriya. On the outside, it appeared like some repetitive breathing technique, but inside I could feel a criss-cross of positive waves that made me feel as if I had just unburdened myself. Totally hollow and empty!

Now I am less irritated than before and more aware of my emotions, and I can keep a check on them. This was unimaginable back then. It is like a pain reliever that has made me find stability in life. With the continued practice of Sudarshan Kriya, I have realized that I don't need a crutch to be happy. I am happiness. I am love. Happiness begins with me!