Navratri 2015 | Oct. 13-22

Navratri is celebrated to worship the various forms of the Mother Divine through prayers, chants, meditation, fasting and other spiritual practices. It is also the time of the year to turn inward and nurture, rejuvenate and replenish our soul.

Significance of Navratri

The Mother Divine:
Nav Durga

The Mother Divine manifests herself in nine different forms with each form signifying something subtle and deep. Discover the hidden meanings of the nine goddesses or the Nav Durga.

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Ancient Chants

  • Devi Kavacham Mantra

    The Devi Kavacham (divine armor) protects one from physical harm and tendencies that hamper tranquility. It also offers mental strength and negates the effect of difficult times.

  • Laxmi Ashtottara

    The Lakshmi Astotthara consists of 108 names of the Devi and is chanted to receive her blessings. It also gives one courage, knowledge, strength, victory, material abundance and fame.

Watch Live Celebrations
  • Join in the Navratri 2015 celebrations from any corner of the world. Witness the celebrations via webcast or telecast, live from the Bangalore Center.

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