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  1. My Mother’s Gift Became My Life’s Direction

    From an athlete to a student; from an entrepreneur in organic products to a meditation teacher with students in diverse places such as Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Asia, USA, and Germany. San Jose’s Luis Diego Cob wears many hats. The one tha ...
  2. Meditation experience: webform_client_form_212865-Zoran Imsiragic

    Meditation brought a big change in me. I now feel like a better person; I used to be very short-tempered but meditation has made me calmer. I’m more centered and see myself finding solutions to problems than blaming them. Zoran Imsiragic Graphic Software ...
  3. The Other Side of 'Me'

    "My work, doing and teaching meditation just complement each other," shares Konstantin That’s how he names his 14-year-long meditation journey, ’from head to heart’! As an engineer, Konstantin Dragov shares having been very intellectual, to th ...
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