SRI SRI SUVARNAPRASHANAM – Ayurvedic Immunization Program

A special Ayurvedic Immunization Program Suvarnaprashanam is a safe Ayurvedic combination which is beneficial for normal growth and development of children. It is prepared with pure gold in its bio-available form and other Ayurvedic Immuno-modulators and brain tonics. The medicine is given on the day of Pushya Nakshatra of every month to impart greater efficacy.

Jan. 20: Thursday
Feb. 16: Wednesday
March 16: Wednesday

General Information

  • Administering Sri Sri Suvarnaprashana regularly from birth to 10 years of age bestows excellent benefits.
  • Good results if administered for 24 months.
  • No side effects have been noted.
  • Benefits:

    • Increases immunity.
    • Increases intelligence.
    • Prevents common recurrent infections, asthma and other allergic conditions.
    • Improves memory, attention span, concentration & learning ability.
    • Reduces temper tantrums, attention deficits, bed-wetting & other neuro-psychosomatic problems.
    • Improves speech, hearing & visual acuity.
    • Helps to maintain health in children.

    For further details, contact:

    Department of Kaumarabhritya (Neonatology and Child Healthcare Unit)
    Sri Sri College Of Ayurvedic Science and Research Hospital,
    Kaggalipura, Kanakapura Road, Bengaluru-560082

    Contact: 080-28432322, 22717819