On going service Activities In Singapore

 We have the below activities planned for the the balance of 2011. For those who are interested in joining the seva activities you can contact the names as given below. To give some background of the homes:

Silra Home

80Buangkok View,Buangkok Medical Park,


There are about 45 residents at this home. We have been visiting them since 2007 August till now. Our key activities are yoga on Saturdays, provide them lunch or dinner, celebrate the birthdays of the residents, clean the fans once in every two months and take them outings once in three months. Our finale for the year will be Christmas Celebration.


Meranti Home

6 Buangkok Green


This home houses about 210 mentally burnt out male residents. Our activities involve taking them on outings along with the Silra home. We celebrate Love Day once a year .On this day we do get the residents to participate in singing, dancing and games and we also invite AOL as well as non AOL friends to join in the fun. At times we just serve them curry puffs and cakes for tea. We have been visiting this home since 2008.


Evergreen Place

30 Hong San Terrace,


 There are about 80 senior citizens.


Henderson CC


We are working on assisting the residents to enhance their flats by painting and cleaning their homes. Once we complete the painting then we will visit the residents once a month and help to clean and maintain their flats. We will also help to clean and glorify the HDB blocks and after a day of sweating we will have tea and snacks and end the day with Satsang. We will announce the details once we have finalise the dates.


For more enquiries please contact

Shaalini – 90672530 ( Evergreen Home)

Alka - 98221972 (Moral Welfare Home)

Rajani - 91391494 (Sri Narayana Mission)

Anuj Gupta – 97820599

Ganesh P – 94592890 

Santha S – 97491862

Umesh – 97223397

Sashi  K - 96684532