Meditation Lounge At Hyderabad Airport, India

Long, Tiring Flights Give You Stress? Not Any More!

Back from a long and tiring journey – 4 hours in air and a few more at the airport and you say you are not stressed out? Is that true?

Well, that has been the buzz at the Hyderabad Airport recently.

None but a frequent flyer would know how painstaking a long distance flight can become. If you are a traveller, you might have to unwillingly face long waiting hours at the airport, the unavoidable sequence of security checks, uncomfortable seats and limited leg space on board, and the constant bombardments of advertisement and announcements when all you want to do is tune off and relax while on flight.

That’s when you wish you had a time machine. Now, before that happens, hundred or more years would have already passed. What if you had an opportunity to transcend time and unwind? A chance to drop all your stress and worries to get rejuvenated in just 20 minutes of meditation? It is the minimum your happiness can ask for. Did you try our first-of-its-kind initiative: a Meditation Lounge at the Domestic Departure of the Hyderabad Airport in India. And not just you but people who help you fly – pilots, cabin crew and staff on ground duty can also meditate.

Coming home from travel or attending seminars back to back after a long flight won’t be burdensome anymore. This video tells it all. 

Harshal Jadhav travels frequently to meet clients in different countries. A regular meditator for past 14 years, he prefers meditating before taking long flights. ‘When the run is long and tiring, meditation is like the early morning bath that rejuvenates me’, says Harshal. ‘Often I am not left with an option to go to a hotel and relax. I end up rushing for meetings from the airport. At such times, when I meditate before departure, I find myself relaxed and focused. It also reduces my jet lag to a great extent. A meditation lounge at the airport sounds like a promising option for meditators and non-meditator travellers alike. I am really looking forward to it’, he adds.


Is it okay if I am not a regular meditator?

We have guided meditation CDs in Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s voice that can help you meditate effortlessly even if you have never meditated before.

What if I fall asleep and miss my flight?

Even if you fall asleep, your caretaker will gently wake you up in time to catch your flight.

Can I meditate after lunch?

Meditation slows down your body’s metabolism. This gives rest. It is preferred to eat after meditation as otherwise you might doze off to sleep instead of meditating.

Can I take a nap after meditating?



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