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  1. Gurudev, what is the difference between Simaran (chanting) and meditation?

    Simaran is the beginning of meditation and samadhi is its end. Simaran means to remember. Just see, if you like someone and you remember that person some emotions come up, isn't it. When the emotions overflow, then the mind beco ...

  2. Pleasure Eventually Leads To Pain

    Pleasure always keeps you on your toes; it makes you run. First pleasure makes you run towards it and then it makes you run away from it. Yoga on the other hand makes you stay stable. It brings stability to your life.A yogi is one who is strong and stable ...
  3. How do we get rid of the fear of the unknown?

    Turn back and see, is this fear a new thing? Is it coming to you only now or has it been there in the past also? And how is it that you are still alive.
    The best way to overcome fear is to look at your own past experience. Turn back and looking at you ...
  4. Gurudev, I am a vegetarian but I found an opportunity in fish farming. However there is always a conflict in my mind regarding the spiritual consideration of fish farming and using it for food. What do I do?

    If your conscience says no, then listen to your conscience. You must follow the voice that arises within you. If this has been your occupation for many generations and you do not feel any conflict, then it is okay. But if your conscience pricks you, then y ...
  5. Respected Gurudev, what advice would you like to give to SME business promoters when it comes to the way they manage their human resources.

    Yes, make them your family. In this country we say, 'Vasudaiva Kutumbakam', the whole world is our family. So even if you can’t see all seven billion people in this country as your family, at least treat the few hundred worke ...

  6. It is very difficult to be an entrepreneur and even more difficult to be a woman entrepreneur. Could you please give me some advice on how women can achieve a balance between work and family life?

    Do you know how to ride a bicycle? Exactly the same way!
    Don’t think it is difficult for a woman to be a small scale entrepreneur, no! Take it as a challenge. You have the energy, potential and providence to take up the challenge.
    Wh ...
  7. We are plagued with corruption, unhygienic conditions and unethical behavior. They are all inter-related and the problem is because there is so much acceptance of corruption and corrupt practices. How do you think we can break this vicious cycle?

    Hope that the new setup and new Government will take more stringent action. See, for corruption you need to educate people on various levels.
    1. From the level of the people.
    2. From the bureaucrats, and
    3. From the Government
    The reas ...

  8. Gurudev, I am a Chartered Accountant and I go to the premises of many businessmen. I have noticed that when we treat them as family members they start taking advantage of that privilege. How to come out of that situation?

    Yes, you need some skill here. You must create a sense of togetherness and belongingness but don’t let anyone take advantage of it. That is a skill.
    You must not get carried away with your emotions but must use your intellect too. ...

  9. A Fine Balance

    (Below is a continuation of the post Moving Towards A Skilled India) 4. In most companies you have a hierarchy. The top man cannot go to the grade 4 workers and directly deal with them when there is a supervisor in-between. The supervisor will feel sideli ...
  10. Moving Towards A Skilled India

    (Confederation of Indian Industry organized a special session on 'Human Potential and Business Ethics' with Sri Sri on 7 October 2014 at New Delhi. Below is the transcript of the Q&A session with Sri Sri) Q: (A member of the audience asked a question ...
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