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  1. Gurudev, The media always latches on to the negative stories. How can we make a good story sensational?

    This is one thing you should not do; generalize. You should not eternalize and generalize everything. You should not say that the media always, or every media does that. It is not the case.

    Here is one example. Annika Dopping from Sweden has made ...

  2. Gurudev, I wonder why fearful and bad thoughts come even in the most positive of places, and sometimes even while praying. Please help.

    Never mind. Thoughts are thoughts. As long as you are aware that these thoughts are coming, you are very safe, because these thoughts come and go.

    Negative thoughts come due to several reasons:
    1. Lack of good circulation in the body, and imprope ...

  3. If others are feeling negative, how not to get affected by that?

    You be more centered and leave a little room for imperfection. Sometimes we don’t leave room for imperfection and so we get affected.
    If someone is negative, they have right to be negative for some time. Let them be. Give them some space. And I tell y ...
  4. A person who is very close to me continuously lies and cheats. It is like second nature to him. And the lies are expressed with a straight face. Why do people do this and what will become of them? Please help, I want to put my mind at rest.

    You should remember that God loves fun.
    If everybody would have been like you, you all would be like the Ford Company. The world is not a Ford company, producing only one type of car. Even they change the model every year. God loves fun ...
  5. How do we get salvation in this life time, and how do we get rid of negative people that live with us?

    I said to leave all your problems here, but do not leave your family members who are troubling you! (Laughter)

    Once it so happened, I said the same thing in the Ashram, ‘Leave all your problems here.'
    One lady said, ‘My mother-in-law is my ...

  6. Negativity needs an anchor

    Negativity cannot remain without a support. Positivity, happiness can be without any reason. The mind goes on trying to find support for its negativity. It looks for a hook to hang its negativity on- if not this person, then that thing or that person and ...
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