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  1. How do I get over Bulimia? I need your help.

    Take a long time to eat your food. When eating, feel the food, sense it, chew it 32 times and you will find satisfaction. So if you are given a bunch of grapes, keep each grape in your mouth and eat it with full awareness.
    Bulimic people tend to gulp ...

  2. Even though I know what is good for me, I still am still attracted to self destructive habits such as laziness and selfishness. I feel like it has something to do with my childhood. What is the best way to remember what is forgotten from the early years?

    When you label yourself saying, 'I am lazy', you justify being lazy. If you label yourself saying, 'I am bad', it gives one the license to remain bad. Do you see what I am saying? The first step is to remove these labels, peel them ...

  3. Habits and vows

    How to get rid of vasanas (impressions)? This is a question for all those who want to come out of habits. You want to get rid of habits because they give pain and restrict you. The nature of vasana is to bother you, or bind you, and wanting to be free is ...
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