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  1. When taking risk is so essential to be successful, how does one feel secure in life?

    Confidence, and you get confidence by going deep within. A few minutes of meditation will give you that confidence.
    Look back at your own life and see, you have had many incidences where you were anxious of how you would be able to overco ...
  2. Gurudev I need your guidance. I am a mother and a wife, and I run a small school. There are times when things go wrong entirely, and I can’t concentrate or be myself at my workplace. How do I manage that?

    It is okay if it is only sometimes. But if it is often then we need to attend to it.
    First of all, know that as an individual, you have the capacity to multi-task.
    If you think, ‘Oh, I am a mother, I cannot be good at the office. It is not possib ...
  3. Gurudev, How can we turn thoughts of lack into thoughts of abundance?

    The very thought that you want to do it, means you have already started moving in that direction.
    Look at what your requirements are and you will see that they will always be met. Whatever you need always comes to you. But do not take it to an extreme ...
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