Part 1 Testimonial_4

Everything began after my father death he had a long sickness. My health began to deteriorate, muscular pains, fatigue and sleepless nights. I looked for help with a rheumatologist who diagnosed me rheumatic related illness and prescribed me a series of medications to be taken, in order to reconcile my sleep (drugs), to mitigate the fatigue and the pain. I began the school year 2004 with a lot of uneasiness which forced me to very often incapacities and I will generally work without willingness of carrying out any task, this motivated me to begin looking for other alternatives to improve my health. I informed myself of the breathing courses and I attended the basic course. The instructor of that basic course advised me to continue with the silence course, during which I began to feel great well-being at a physical level. I stopped taking medications for pain and fatigue, but continued with the sleeping medicine. After the course, I left the medications to get sleep and until today's day I don't require of any medication and I apply in my daily life the basic principles of the Art of Living, which has allowed me to continue carrying out the regularly activities that usually carried out (exercising, working, walking, plus home activities). 

Emiliana Z

Costa Rica

  Badakhshan province