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  1. Gurudev, is egg vegetarian or non-vegetarian?

    Sitting in the satsang and discussing eggs, I do not think that is appropriate.
    Drop eggs, talk about the universe (Bramhaand). Here we discuss the body and the universe, not eggs. You can look up in Google on what are the benefits and disadvan ...
  2. Why do diseases come into our life? What is their purpose?

    : It is because we are violating the laws of nature. We eat what we should not eat, or eat too much. We do not take good care of the environment. There are so many (telecommunication) towers everywhere. There is so much radiation. All this affects us. Also ...
  3. Are there chances of epilepsy attacks even for people who do Sadhana regularly?

    It depends on what the person eats, drinks and does the whole day. It is possible if eating, drinking and living habits are not proper.
    If there is too much stress in the nervous system then there are chances of such attacks.
    If one lives a healt ...
  4. Some people say they live without food, and there is a film about this. Is this true and what do you think?

    I know a gentleman who said that he only watches sun light for food. He has mastered not eating, but sometimes he has a cup of tea with a lot of sugar in it.
    See, this is about training your body. It is like in Russia how they train you in ballet. Th ...
  5. Can we ask you some rapid fire questions?

    Yes, go ahead.

    Who are you?
    Good Question to ask yourself.

    Who were you in your past life?
    That is a secret, I will tell you some other time.

    What is and who is God?
    What and who is not God.

    How should we feel god? ...

  6. Why sometimes blood pressure stays above normal even after daily Sudarshan Kriya, evening meditation and Triphala (ayurvedic herb)?

    Are you exercising properly? Are you doing some yoga? Are your food habits okay? Are you worried? Are you holding on to some knowledge in your mind? Or are you obsessed with some desires which you want to be fulfilled right away and have no patience?

    Y ...

  7. Could you advise on what is the best way of going into meditation. And is there any kind of special music which can enable you to access that space better? (Ritu Kumar: Fashion designer from India (Recipient of the Padmashree in 2013))

    Meditation is very simple, and it just takes a couple of days to learn. Once you learn it then you can do it on your own. Then you can do it anytime and anywhere you want. But only before meals, okay! What happens during meditation is our metabolism slows ...
  8. Do you think martial arts can play a role on the path to enlightenment?

    Yes, martial arts can bring strength to the body, discipline in the mind and sharpens your intellect. It can channelize all the energy and emotions in you. If your emotions are not channelized, they go haywire and that’s when you get aggressive, a ...

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