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  1. Dear Guruji, it is said that during the time of the Mahabharata, technology was much more advanced than it is now. What happened? Where did all the progress and advancement disappear? How do we move backward?

    Well, this is a cycle in nature. Everything goes in cycles.
    There were dinosaurs on this planet, and there were big birds which could be trained. On the back of these big birds they used to build mantaps (halls) and train the birds to go places ...
  2. Gurudev, are you concerned about the rise of certain technologies, especially machine implants in the human body, which could possibly modify the human thought process? Do you think that future machines will become one with nature?

    You are a machine yourself, yes! Your body is the most amazing machine. Your mind is even better and so is the intellect. You should only know how to operate them better.
    I am more concerned about the operator than the machine. ...
  3. Gurudev, technology brings comfort, but it also increases pollution. Comfort versus environment, what should be the criteria for development?

    Technology need not be always against environment.
    Today technology is advancing towards being more and more environment friendly. So we can have technology and still care for the environment, but environment is very important. It is more important. ...
  4. In this age of technology, why is a Guru important?

    What is the need to ask this question? If the question has arisen, then there is a need for an answer, and there is a need for a person to answer it. Whoever answers that question, he becomes the Guru!

    What is the need for medicines? If we have illness ...

  5. Gurudev, I feel a danger for our species as we advance in technology. Are we becoming disconnected from this ancient knowledge? If so, what can we do about it?

    In fact, the more closer you go to Science, Particle Physics or Mathematics, you go very close to the knowledge of the ancient people; Vedanta. You come so close to Vedanta that you simply cannot discard it, because it says virtually the same ...
  6. Gurudev, I am a web engineer. I want to ask, what is the connection between spirituality and internet technology? How can spirituality use this web?

    Yesterday you saw that we had a webcast of our satsang, and so many people connected to us from around the world. We had people connect from more than seventy countries.

    You should definitely use the internet, write blogs, and make people aware of ...

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