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  1. Gurudev, when I am in the Ashram I am very happy and energetic. But when I go back home, it immediately drops. Please help me to have at least half of that at home.

    Has everyone at home done the program? If not, make them do.
    Keep listening to knowledge, keep singing. And you be determined, come what may, I take the challenge; I will not let my enthusiasm go down.
    Do you know how it goes down? Because you sta ...
  2. Gurudev, Please tell us about some of the changes that the Earth is presently undergoing.

    Yes, Earth constantly changes. But what humankind has done with the environment is unfortunate. We have put so many dynamites to make mines, to extract from the depth of the Earth. Earthquakes, tsunami, and all these disasters have started because of this. ...
  3. Gurudev, My colleagues always manage to take my energy away. What can I do to not lose my energy?

    Never mind, give them more! You have much more energy than what they can all take from you. The Sun or the Moon never say that you’re taking my light away! You are the source of energy.
    I am with you. I give you perennial replenishment of energ ...
  4. Cinco Tipos de Inquietação

    Existem 5 tipos de inquietação:- O primeiro tipo de inquietação decorre do local em que você se encontra. Quando você se muda para longe deste lugar, a rua ou casa, você imediatamente se sente melhor. O canto, crianças brincando e rindo, isso pode mudar e ...
  5. Gurudev, how to stop nuclear waste? Currently, the whole ocean and slowly people are getting impacted due to the accident in Japan. How can we stop this?

    You know our oceans are dumped with so much garbage, so much garbage that you can create another continent out of it.
    They say, off New York coast, the ocean is not an ocean but it is just a garbage dump. You can create an island, a big continent fro ...

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