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  1. Gurudev, I am from the fashion industry, can you please talk about fashion and harmony. How I can convey the message of harmony through fashion?

    Fashion means being in the present moment. Old fashion is an oxymoron (a pair of words each having a contradictory meaning to each other). Do you see what I am saying?
    So fashion is taking onto something new.
    The whole universe moulds itse ...
  2. What is your message to the leadership of the world, and especially to the leadership of the Middle east to get people to live in harmony and peace? What is your vision for the Kurdish nation which is divided into four countries to live in peace and harmony? (Dr. Akrawi: An active member of the Women Union working with UNICEF from Kurdistan)

    You know, the problem there is enormous. It is centuries old; not one century but many centuries old. There is not one solution. I think we will all have to collectively put our thoughts and our mind and see, whatever works wherever, we should apply tha ...

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