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  1. Gurudev, why are the Yezdis suffering so much? Were they the guards of Hitlers concentration camps at that time and is this their karma? Why should somebody be victimised for nothing?

    These questions have no answers because it is connected with something much bigger than our understanding. Instead of sitting and wondering why they are suffering, think of what we can do for them. You don’t need to come to the conclusion on why they ar ...
  2. Would you pressurize the religious leaders of the world, especially the Arab and Middle East countries to rescue the abduct, especially women and children? When we requested for the American government to send food, the answer they gave us was that they had to write to the government of Iraq and other neighboring countries to rescue the abduct.

    This is between government to government. They have many policies. As an NGO, we can do what we can do. I think it is not possible for us to interfere into the foreign policies of the government. We cannot make one government stand against the other; th ...
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