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  1. The breath is so powerful. How does it work in connecting us to the subtle dimension?

    My dear, in the subtle you are already connected. The breath only makes you realize that you are connected.
    Your mind is always outside and it does not come back to itself, so the breath is the first step in bringing the outgoing mind inward. It is t ...

  2. Can you please talk about karma and how it works? I always question young kids that die painfully, or babies who die in the mother’s womb.

    You know, karma is unfathomable. It is very deep, like measuring the depth of an ocean. Which karma, where, what? It is all simply too big to explain, but it is the cause for any action.
    No event or action can happen without a cause, this is si ...

  3. I have misbehaved and now I feel very sad about it. My family is also suffering. I keep thinking of the past and I can’t get rid of it. Please tell me what to do.

    What is the surety that you will take my advice and do what I say?
    If you would have taken it, you would have done it already. You don’t take my advice, so what can I do?
    Come on drop it! Some karma, something made you misbehave, and it is f ...

  4. Sometimes people ask me for things, and I deeply want to say, 'No'. Can one convert the 'No' to a sincere 'Yes' in some way?

    No, you shouldn't do that. Sometimes you should keep the 'No'. I learnt this the hard way. It took me a very long time to say, 'No'.
    You should say 'No' sometimes because there are people who misuse your kind ...

  5. If me and you are the same, please explain!

    The subtler one goes, one finds the unity. But in the gross, this body is different and that body is different; this body's needs are different and that body's needs are different.
    On the physical level if you see, we are not same at all. You have lon ...
  6. Please talk on the subject of divorce. When is it a good thing? Or is it always to be avoided?

    Now, I have no experience on this.
    You should ask yourself, have you put your 100% to make the marriage work? Have you done all that you could to please your spouse and make them happy, and still it has not worked?

    Marriage means ...

  7. Marriage Means Sacrifice

    Tue, 07/15/2014
    You say the consonants without vowels. Without 'Aa', 'Ka' cannot be said. Without 'Aa', 'Cha' cannot be said. None of the consonants can be uttered without vowels. And when you try to utter consonants without vowels, the mind stops. Try it!When you try to ...
  8. Gurudev, how to bring children who oppose the path onto the path.

    You know, a parent cannot influence their teenagers, but they can influence the friends of their children. So, before you become a good mother or a good father, you have to become a good uncle or aunt.
    The friends of your children will have more resp ...

  9. Gurudev, please guide on how to bring spouses who oppose the path onto the path.

    That is a big test.
    Do you know why your spouse opposes your path? Let us analyze this! Let's think about this.
    1. Maybe your spouse is very attached to you and wants all your attention, and when your attention is elsewhere, they don’t l ...

  10. Are there many such Earths? Are you present in each one simultaneously?

    Yes, I have many dimensions. We are all in many places, but let us make use of this place properly, that is good enough.

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