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  1. Gurudev, is getting a certain experience the goal of Sadhana? I haven’t got any experience in my Sadhana till now. This keeps bothering me.

    No, never mind! It is the experience of going from the scenery to the seer that is important. If experiences come, they come. If not, never mind! Still it is okay. Experiences change all the time. ...
  2. I have been doing meditation since a long time. During a recent meditation, you appeared and gave me a prasad. My eyes were closed, but you were seeing everything. My question is, was it you, or was it God in your form?

    A sadhak (seeker) has many experiences in his life. There is no need to probe into it. Just move on.
    Yesterday's experience was yesterday’s; today's experience is for today, and tomorrow you will have a new experience.
    Whether it was a ple ...
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