Proceedings and Speakers

  • The conference focused on the following countries and issues:
  • India - Naxal violence
  • Sri Lanka - conflict between the Sri Lankan Government and the LTTE
  • Nepal - National reconciliation with Maoist rebellion
  • Myanmar - Good governance and the military junta
  • Sessions highlighted the history and current situations in the region.
  • The sessions aimed at stimulating discussions on new dimensions in peace building, taking into account ethnic considerations, incorporating human values unique to each region.
  • Debates centered around the role of faith-based tools and resources such as non-violence, compassion, acceptance of differences, sincerity in reconciling conflicting groups.
  • Role of media, in supporting the peace process, was explored
  • Workshops on Naxal violence, oppression in Myanmar and strife in Sri Lanka explored obstacles in the peace process and identified common threads in peace building.

Some of the prominent speakers included:

  • Ms. Erika Mann, Member of European Parliament
  • Dr. Jayalath Jayawardene, Member of Parliament, Sri Lanka
  • Prof. Brahma Chellaney, Centre for Policy Research, India
  • Mr. Nirj Deva, Member of European Parliament
  • Ambassador Jon Hanssen-Bauer is Ambassador and Special Envoy of the Royal
  • Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Sri Lanka

  • Mrs. Aud Kvalbein, Deputy Mayor of Oslo, Norway
  • Mr. Colin Archer, Secretary General, International Peace Bureau, Switzerland