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  1. In India, there is a very well known river that is contaminated with germs, and the masters there say that if you’re interested in Hinduism or Buddhism then as a part of the rituals you have to go and have a bath in that dirty river. Can you tell us what really lies behind this?

    Once upon a time the river Ganga had very pure water, and today our Prime Minister has taken up the job of cleaning the whole river which is considered very sacred. In India we honor the rivers, the trees, and the animals. Honoring the whole creation is ...
  2. Gurudev, many Gurus and saints have spoken about the need for a renaissance of India. It seems that with this new government the time may have come. What form should that renaissance take?

    Renaissance has already begun a few years back. People have woken up and it should continue with the same enthusiasm and speed that is necessary. For that the people in power have to be very careful, conscious and support this sort of renaissance and I am ...
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