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  1. Gurudev, Why sometimes blood pressure stays above normal even after daily Sudarshan Kriya, evening meditation and Triphala (ayurvedic herb)?

    Are you exercising properly? Are you doing some yoga? Are your food habits okay? Are you worried? Are you holding on to some knowledge in your mind? Or are you obsessed with some desires which you want to be fulfilled right away and have no patience?

    Y ...

  2. Gurudev, Please tell us about the importance of offering food (Prasad) to the Divine before eating. Also please tell us the authentic way of offering food. Is there any mantra needed?

    When a lady cooks food at home, the first thing she does is takes out a spoon of rice, or dal, or whatever she cooks, and puts it outside in the garden for the birds, for the ants, and for the creatures. The significance of this is to say that the envi ...

  3. Gurudev, you have spoken much about food and the breath. Would you like to say something about clothes as well? Should we only wear traditional clothes?

    Wear comfortable clothes, but I do not prefer wearing those torn clothes and jeans for which you pay so much money. It looks so shabby.
    I have heard that if there are holes in the jeans, you have to pay more money for that! This you should not do.
  4. Gurudev, Some people say they live without food, and there is a film about this. Is this true and what do you think?

    I know a gentleman who said that he only watches sun light for food. He has mastered not eating, but sometimes he has a cup of tea with a lot of sugar in it.
    See, this is about training your body. It is like in Russia how they train you in ballet. Th ...
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