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  1. It is very difficult to be an entrepreneur and even more difficult to be a woman entrepreneur. Could you please give me some advice on how women can achieve a balance between work and family life?

    Do you know how to ride a bicycle? Exactly the same way!
    Don’t think it is difficult for a woman to be a small scale entrepreneur, no! Take it as a challenge. You have the energy, potential and providence to take up the challenge.
    Wh ...
  2. What do you do when you love your work and you know that you are good at it but still not successful?

    You are appreciating your work, but others also have to appreciate it. Keep at it and see what more you can do to improve. If your attention is on that, things will change.

  3. I don’t know what to choose as my career as I want to honor all my talents. Any suggestions?

    One gentleman came to me who could play forty instruments. He could play the flute, guitar, sitar, tabla, and many other more instruments. It was fascinating.
    I also knew a gentleman who had nearly forty five degrees, and he was not more than about 4 ...

  4. I want to know how to keep myself focused and motivated to do the same thing day in day out?

    Tell me, why do want to focus?
    (Ans: It’s a question of my job and livelihood!)

    That is it! This awareness that this is a question of your livelihood is enough to make you focus!
    See, focus is needed when there is no love and ...

  5. I am from the Research field. I find it very difficult to invent new things and innovate. What advice can you give to researchers like me so that we can enhance our creative talent?

    You should meditate regularly. Meditation and Vairagya (dispassion) will really help in this.
    Every once in a while, you should just sit back and realize that this entire world is just like a dream. This entire world will come to an end one day ...
  6. Gurudev, I am young and smoke to relax my mind. People taunting me makes me sad. How can I change my mind-set. I find meditation very boring, so please don’t suggest that?

    You want to change, isn't it? The process has already started. If you find meditation boring then do Yoga. If you find that boring then stand up and dance. Dance so much that you feel tired, after that when you lie down and relax, meditation happ ...

  7. I love my soul mate so much, that I fear that it does not leave much room for me to love the Divine.

    I have no experience of a soul mate.
    Why not? I don’t think there is any hindrance. If you have a soul mate, and you found some new love, you can as well see that as a gift to you.
    Your friends are a gift, your partner is a gift to you ...

  8. Gurudev, after the Asaram Bapu incident (referring to a recent scandal wherein a spiritual leader was accused of inappropriate conduct with a female devotee), my friends have started questioning my faith in the Art of Living. What can I say to them to convince them that the Art of Living is different?

    What can one say? Just tell them not to be paranoid. Tell them that sometimes accidents do take place on the street. But just because accidents happen, you do not stop walking on the street, isn’t it? If you do that, then that is called mental imbalance or ...
  9. How to choose the right career?

    You should see what your tendency is and what you want.
    There is nothing called Job-Satisfaction. This word should be removed from the dictionary. Satisfaction comes only through service. Do you get it? Service is a different thin ...
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