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  1. Gurudev, what thoughts come to your mind when another spiritual leader comes and conducts himself or herself in a disrespectful manner, or gets caught in a disgraceful act?

    Compassion and wonder. First of all you wonder how a person with knowledge can do something like that. You know, someone who owns a jewellery shop will not go and steal a few pennies worth of vegetables, or a kilo of bananas or apples. If someone does t ...

  2. Is there a scientific explanation for the materializations of vibhuti and other small objects such as rings, necklaces by many saints?

    No, even they say don’t give much importance to it. It is nothing. It is just a technique. There are many such vidyas (techniques) to do those things. You don’t have to be enlightened to do those things.
    What is much more important ...

  3. In a practical and immediate way, what can we do to combat terrorism? Can people say special mantras or prayers to help erase the horrible violence?

    We need to bring unity in diversity. Terrorism is just lack a of education in spirituality. the root cause is that and it has to be nipped at the bud. Schools and colleges should have a broad spectrum of knowledge. Every child should know a little bit a ...

  4. How did Buddha attain enlightenment without doing sadhana, seva, or satsang?

    Who said that Buddha did not meditate? Meditation is sadhana!
    Buddha also travelled to so many places and served the people. He listened to everyone's problems, and taught them meditation. Isn't this seva?
    Who said he didn't do satsang ...

  5. Why is it that every incarnation, be it Rama or Krishna, none of their stories tell us how they went back to heaven, or what happened to their bodies? What actually happened to them and when did it happen?

    Well, I have no idea!
    I tell you, they have left some beautiful knowledge. Take the knowledge and move on.
    If you’re interested in doing some research, there are archeological departments.
    Hema and D.K Hari are here. They are doing a lot ...

  6. Gurudev, there are many avatars (an incarnate divine teacher) and each avatar is complete. So why do we have so many avatars?

    Why should we not. In fact we should have even more!
    Avatar means descending. Descending for a social cause. And if you see from my eyes, you will see the whole universe is just simply a manifestation. Everything is an avatar, there is ...

  7. What does it actually mean to have a spiritual teacher?

    To have a spiritual teacher means to feel at ease, to feel comfort and to have the confidence to go on a journey to the unknown. A spiritual teacher means: There is somebody to take care of me. If I fall, someone is there to hold me.

  8. Gurudev, I happened to meet an American diplomat who has been on the spiritual path for 40-45 years. He said that some saints have visions of a kingdom of God, which is blue. Millions of souls are hovering around to get inside the kingdom of God, but that is possible only through a master. I just wanted to know whether all this is true.

    In the Gita also it is said that, among the millions, only few will walk the path, and amongst the few who walk the path, only a few will come to know me well.

    Among these 8.4 million types of species on the planet, human species is only one. Af ...

  9. I love my soul mate so much, that I fear that it does not leave much room for me to love the Divine.

    I have no experience of a soul mate.
    Why not? I don’t think there is any hindrance. If you have a soul mate, and you found some new love, you can as well see that as a gift to you.
    Your friends are a gift, your partner is a gift to you ...

  10. Why do people cheat? Is it because they don't love their spouse?

    No! Not everybody who loves cheats, but anyone who cheats, it is because they love their wife or husband very much.
    Do you know why? If there is a fight between truth and love, love will win, truth will fail. Cheating means what? Telling ...
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