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  1. Gurudev, even after wearing the sacred thread (yagnopaveetham), people don’t bear the responsibilities properly. Do you really think that wearing this sacred thread reminds us of our responsibilities?

    It is just a symbol.
    It is not that just because you have worn a badge of Vande Matram, you become totally patriotic. Similarly you may wear a thread and you may still not be responsible.
    It doesn’t make any sense. Many people wear sacred thread ...
  2. Gurudev, if the heart wants something but my responsibilities prevent me from striving to get that, then what should I do?

    You should fulfil the responsibilities in life first. You can always listen to the heart a little later and act on it. If you only listen to what your heart says, and do just that, then you will get into trouble.

  3. Gurudev, there is a constant struggle between responsibilities and my personal desires. How do I create a balance?

    Well, when you say that is a constant struggle, then just let it be. When anything becomes constant, you get used to it. Then it is no longer a struggle. But anything is a struggle if you are not used to it.
    If you are used to something, then you cann ...
  4. I’m always bothered by the feeling of ‘What about me?’ How do I handle this?

    If you find it difficult to drop ‘What about me’, start with ‘What about us’. Turn that ‘me’ into ‘us’. ...
  5. When will the world be free from nuclear weapons?

    When people become spiritual! When we spiritualize politics, socialize business and secularize religion, then the world will be free from weapons.

    Religions should be secular. Religious leaders should be secular in their outlook. Th ...

  6. How do I know which political party to vote for?

    In my opinion, first we should not let anybody remain in power for too long. We should keep changing parties. Power corrupts people. Even good people become bad. Therefore, we should give holidays to everybody, and let them churn themselves. Without giving ...
  7. Can we ask you some rapid fire questions?

    Yes, go ahead.

    Who are you?
    Good Question to ask yourself.

    Who were you in your past life?
    That is a secret, I will tell you some other time.

    What is and who is God?
    What and who is not God.

    How should we feel god? ...

  8. Whenever I am in the ashram I don't feel like going back to the materialistic world. Sometimes the responsibility of the family becomes an obstacle. How to overcome that?

    You need to charge your mobile phone with the charger, but you don't leave the phone on the charger, otherwise how will you use it?!
    Similarly, when your charge is down, you have to come here again and charge yourself. For me the whole world is my ash ...
  9. The Secret to a Permanent Smile

    One who is completely enlightened has no needs and no responsibilities. Also one who is inert has no needs and no responsibilities. In between these two, everyone has some needs and some responsibilities. If you sit and make a note of all your responsibil ...
  10. Gurudev, why did Arjuna ask a doubt only on the battlefield and not when he had ample time with Lord Krishna before coming to the war?

    Listen, Arjuna did not even ask a doubt, he simply said, 'I do not want to fight', that is it.

    It was Krishna who first asked the question. He said, 'Arjuna, you are miserable, you are crying for things which you should not cry for, and you are talkin ...

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