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  1. Dearest Gurudev, there is a constant running for importance and recognition in my life. Most of my decisions are based on this. Recognition has been my major motivation in whatever I do including seva. Please advise.

    It’s good that you recognize your weakness. Once you have recognized it, you are already coming out of it. Next time you do seva, tell yourself, 'Okay, I am going to do seva but not tell anybody about it'.

    In India there is somethin ...

  2. Sometimes people ask me for things, and I deeply want to say, 'No'. Can one convert the 'No' to a sincere 'Yes' in some way?

    No, you shouldn't do that. Sometimes you should keep the 'No'. I learnt this the hard way. It took me a very long time to say, 'No'.
    You should say 'No' sometimes because there are people who misuse your kind ...

  3. Gurudev, Beloved Gurudev, what do you think about the donation of organs after death?

    It’s good. We can donate our organs. If our organs can come to someone else’s help, we should be happy.
    Donate your eyes, or whichever organs are useful to others. Even if you are not here, your eyes continue to help someone to see.
    Like wh ...
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