Making Life a Celebration

Art of Living personal development programs combine the mystical and the modern to help you create a life of purpose, joy and confidence

Service Activities in Singapore

Spiritual Experience

On going Art of Living Service Projects at various homes in Singapore

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Happiness Program

Personality Development

To reduce workload - is difficult, but to increase energy with SudarshanKriya®, a unique and powerful stress elimination tool - is easy!

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Happiness Program - FREE Workshop

Welcome to FREE workshops on weekends to get a glimpse of the Happiness Program

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Upcoming Art of Living Courses

Upcoming Art of Living Courses

Thank yourself for choosing to open up to newer possibilities of life. 

The Art of Living course offers:

  • Practical tools like Sudarshan Kriya
  • Yoga and Meditation to unlock your fullest potential
  • Ways to easy stress relief and enhance all aspects of your life

Participants learn:

  • Heal and harmonize the body, mind and spirit
  • Skills to handle the mind and negative emotions
  • Practical wisdom to improve relationships
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Learn Sudarshan Kriya

A unique breathing technique
which cleanses the body from stress.
Impurities are released and every
cell of the body is rejuvenated with
energy, stimulating both body and mind.

The breath is the link between the body and mind.


  • Awareness and Smiles

    "The Art of Living Part 1 program gave me awareness about who I am, what I feel and what I want. Sudarshan Kriya gave me lightness and I started to wear a smile daily."

    ~ Karolina, Writer, Lithuania

    Calm & Creative

    As a freelance photographer, being creative, you have to be clear of any inhibitions. Only a settled frame of mind can be creative. Creativity dawns as a by-product of meditation and spirituality.

    ~ Pankaj Anand, Artist, Mumbai, India
The Art of Living

About Us

  • One of the largest volunteer-based NGOs
  • Operates in 152 countries
  • Touched the lives of 370 million people
  • Founded in 1981 by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ​
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