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Mon, 09/28/2015
Tue, 10/27/2015
Art of Living International Center,
21st km Kanakapura Road, Udaypura,
Bangalore, India, 560082

Oct 13-22 Navratri Celebrations

Read more about Navratri here.

  • Meeting people, Budapest, Hungary

    Thu, 09/08/2011, Budapest, Hungary

    Sri Sri arrived in Budapest on its first true autumn day to be received by an eagerly awaiting group of volunteers and some journalists. Bhanu Didi (Sri Sri's sister) and several guests from India, US, Germany and UAE accompanied him. Other guests had also arrived from Russia, Bulgaria and UK to participate in the Satsang.

    An hour after his arrival, Sri Sri met with the Deputy Mayor of Budapest and a few businessmen. Sri Sri then attended a reception held in his honor and hosted by the Ambassador of India at the Indian Embassy. 80 guests were present at the Residency. Sri Sri then gave two interviews for TV channels, addressing the need and relevance of spirituality.

    This event was followed by a meeting with the core volunteers, inspiring them all. “For some of us, it was the very first time meeting Guruji. It was touching to see how much love and gratitude was flowing from our small group, Guruji's presence was opening our hearts. Chocolates were flying for children and for those who are bigger children! We are very much looking forward for an even more tighter Day 2!" shares Viktoria, a volunteer.

  • Celebrating the Festival of Ganesha

    Thu, 09/01/2011, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

    Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated today at The Art of Living Ashram with the Ganapati Homa which was conducted in the presence of Sri Sri. Devotees came in large numbers to be a part of the festivity on the auspicious occasion.

    Speaking on the significance and importance of the festival, Sri Sri says, “Ganesha is the lord of all the good qualities in us. So when we worship him, all the good qualities will blossom in us. He is also the lord of knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge dawns only when we become aware of the Self. When there is inertia, there is no knowledge, no wisdom, nor is there any liveliness (Chaitanya) or progress in life. So the consciousness has to be awakened and the presiding diety of consciousness is Ganesha. Therefore, install the idol, worship it with infinite love, meditate and experience Lord Ganesha from within. This is the symbolic essence of Ganesh Chaturti festival, to awaken the Ganesh tattva which is masked inside us.”

  • Visits to Team Anna

    Fri, 08/26/2011, Delhi, Delhi, India

    Sri Sri Ravi Shankar visited Ramlila Maidan over 10 times from 22nd to 26th August. Sri Sri met Shri Anna Hazare to enquire about his health and also discussed matters with Team Anna. Sri Sri also met and discussed about Annaji's fast with political leaders from both the ruling and the opposition parties. Read more about Art of Living’s initiatives to curb corruption

  • Addressing people at Ramlila Maidan

    Sun, 08/21/2011, Delhi, Delhi, India

    In the history of the world, this is one such movement (of hundreds of thousands of people) without a single instance of violence, no damage to property, nor loss of life. There is dynamism with awareness; this awakening is a blessing for India,” said Sri Sri addressing the protesters gathered from every corner of the country to support the movement against corruption. He expressed pride in the youth of the country who have upheld the values of non-violence and peace. He also emphasized the need for strong laws and national representatives who are free from selfish motives, have a sense of belongingness and love for the people, and are ready to sacrifice personal gains. He congratulated Anna Hazare’s team, praised their determination in the face of all odds and expressed his prayers for a speedy solution to this issue.

  • Inspiring rural youth to spread anti-corruption awareness

    Sat, 08/20/2011, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

    Until the hunger of the soul is satisfied, corruption will continue in society,” says Sri Sri as he emphasizes the need to bring spirituality and reinforce human values in every corner of India.

    Speaking to 5,500 youth in the ashram, Sri Sri asked the youth to commit themselves fully to their duty of rooting out corruption.

    The issue of corruption does not arise when there is a sense of belongingness. Human values can be cultivated only through spirituality. Sri Sri highlighted the significance of the role of youth leaders in keeping the country free of social evils like corruption and terrorism besides working to root out the existing challenges. Only a lit candle can light another, and those gathered were all lit with wisdom and a message of love and peace.

  • Leaders of ‘true India’ at The Art of Living center,

    Fri, 08/19/2011, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

    1700 rural youth leaders from 20 states in India gathered at The Art of Living International Center for a three-day meet to share their learning and vision for a Divya Samaj (Divine Society). Graduates of the Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP), these youth leaders move from village to village, reinforcing human values, teaching meditation, creating a sense of belongingness and responsibility among villagers. The youth leaders also help the villages to address the ground-level issues like lack of water supply and electricity, crime-rates, lack of schools for their children and addiction to alcohol. They also train the farmers in the methods of organic and chemical-free farming to increase crop yield, reduce their costs and protect the soil and indigenous seed. Meeting Sri Sri gives them the direction and inspiration that they need to further their initiative and reach out to more and more people of 'true India' in the villages. The YLTP has reached out to 40,212 villagesa. Read more about YLTP programs.

  • Rally at Freedom Park

    Thu, 08/18/2011, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

    Sri Sri returned to Bangalore from the capital city and addressed the gathered protesters at Freedom Park. He encouraged them to fight injustice without anger or violence and with a calm and serene mind. “The values of ahimsa and truth transcend time and work,” said Sri Sri. He reiterated the need for people to neither give nor accept bribes. Sri Sri also emphasized trust and understanding between the government and the people supporting the Jan Lokpal Bill. “We have to learn to trust each other. Both sides are trying to resolve the matter. Talks between the two can solve the issue.

  • Meeting Anna Hazare

    Wed, 08/17/2011, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

    Sri Sri visited the Tihar jail premises again to meet Anna Hazare who is spearheading the anti-corruption movement in India. Sri Sri is one of the founding members of the India Against Corruption campaign. He also met with the other members including Kiran Bedi and Arvind Kejriwal during the visit. Sri Sri’s message once again to all the protesters was to find strength in non-violence and make the movement a peaceful revolution.

  • A turning point for India-Against-Corruption

    Tue, 08/16/2011, Delhi, Delhi, India

    The India Against Corruption movement saw a significant turn of events with the arrest of Anna Hazare. Sri Sri (a founding member of this movement) addressed the people of India through the media and encouraged them to move towards a peaceful revolution without any damage to life or property. ‘I am always ready and available and involve myself to bring peace and change in this country,’ said Sri Sri as he was getting ready to leave for his flight to Delhi, to the site of the arrest. Upon reaching the capital, he proceeded to Tihar Jail (where Anna Hazare was detained) at 1:30 am to meet the protesters who were gathered outside in thousands and offered solace and strength to them.

  • Indian Independence Day

    Mon, 08/15/2011, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

    Aug 15th is the Indian Independence day. Over 2000 children from the free rural school run by The Art of Living had assembled in spotless whites in the ashram amphitheater. Sri Sri hoisted the Indian national flag and inaugurated the series of cultural programs that followed to celebrate the day.

    It was also the last day of the five-day meditation program with 1,200 participants from Tamil Nadu. Sri Sri met each one of them individually in the afternoon. He also spoke to them at length about the significance of various rituals that are part of the South Indian traditions and then guided all present into a deep meditation.

    Being a national holiday, there were over a 1,000 people who had gathered for darshan (meeting with Sri Sri) as well. Once again, he met each person, heard their concerns, offered solutions and gave his blessings. It is a special sight to witness the change in the expression of every person before and after meeting with Sri Sri. The smile on each face spoke for itself.