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Thu, 11/26/2015
Wed, 12/02/2015
Art of Living International Center,
21st km Kanakapura Road, Udaypura, Bangalore, Karnataka, India, 560082

Discourse, Music and Meditation

Thu, 12/03/2015
Thu, 12/03/2015
New Delhi, India

Inter-faith Discussion on Slavery

Fri, 12/04/2015
Sat, 12/05/2015
Multiple, Tamil Nadu, India

Discourse, Music and Meditation

Dec 4: Coimbatore
Dec 5: Coimbatore-Tirupur-Coimbatore

Sun, 12/06/2015
Thu, 12/10/2015
Art of Living International Center,
21st km Kanakapura Road, Udaypura, Bangalore, Karnataka, India, 560082

Discourse, Music and Meditation

Mon, 12/14/2015
Thu, 12/17/2015
North East, India

Discourse, Music and Meditation

Mon, 12/14/2015
Tue, 12/15/2015
Guwahati, Assam, India

Discourse, Music and Meditation

Wed, 12/16/2015
Wed, 12/16/2015
Shillong, Meghalaya, India

Discourse, Music and Meditation

Thu, 12/17/2015
Thu, 12/17/2015
Guwahati, Assam, India

Discourse, Music and Meditation

Fri, 12/18/2015
Sun, 12/20/2015
Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Dec 19: Mega event of Music, Sahaj Samadhi Meditation and Live Sudarshan Kriya

Dec 20: Volunteers and Teachers Meet

Mon, 12/21/2015
Mon, 12/21/2015
Bhubaneshwar, Orissa, India

Discourse, Music and Meditation

Tue, 12/22/2015
Tue, 12/22/2015
Pune, Maharashtra, India

Discourse, Music and Meditation

Wed, 12/23/2015
Wed, 12/23/2015
Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Discourse, Music and Meditation

Thu, 12/24/2015
Tue, 12/29/2015
Art of Living International Center,
21st km Kanakapura Road, Udaypura, Bangalore, Karnataka, India, 560082

Discourse, Music and Meditation

Wed, 12/30/2015
Thu, 12/31/2015
Bad Antogast, Germany
Fri, 01/01/2016
Sat, 01/02/2016
Berlin, Germany

New Year Celebrations

Mon, 03/07/2016
Mon, 03/07/2016
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Maha Shivratri

Fri, 03/11/2016
Sun, 03/13/2016
New Delhi, India

World Culture Festival 2016

The World Culture Festival 2016 is a celebration of The Art of Living’s 35 years of service, humanity, spirituality and human values. The festival will celebrate the diversity in cultures from across the world while simultaneously highlighting our unity as a human family.

  • Reception of joy, Argentina, Sept. 4

    Tue, 09/04/2012, Argentina

    Sri Sri Ravi Shankar landed in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, on September 4. He was received by a host of journalists, photographers and reporters from the national and the international press. They  had waited in the cold winter weather for over two hours, along with 2000 residents at the Aeroparque Airport. As Sri Sri alighted, he remarked, “I am very honored  to be in this country, with so many happy and vibrant people. We are here to generate waves of peace and harmony in the society.” A magnificent choir comprising 300 singers welcomed Sri Sri with their recitation of the ‘Ode to Joy’.

  • Rio de Janeiro State bestows the highest honor to Sri Sri, Sept. 3

    Mon, 09/03/2012, Argentina

    Sri Sri received the Tiradentes Medal in Rio, the highest honor from Rio de Janeiro State on September 3. This medal is the most important commendation of the legislature of Rio de Janeiro, designed to reward personalities who have rendered outstanding services to the public cause.

    Key of Rio de Janeiro handed to Sri Sri, Sept. 3

    Sri Sri receives the keys of the city from Eduardo Paes, the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro on September 3, 2012.

    Visit to Christ the Redeemer site, Sept. 3

    Sri Sri visited the “Corcovado” (monument of Christ) in Rio de Janeiro, acclaimed as one of the seven wonders of the world.

    Spreading peace and love, Brazil, Sept. 3

    One of the largest events held in Rio de Janeiro was in Cinelândia Square. This square has been, in the past, the scene of many freedom movements and political gatherings. Yet with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, it became a scene of meditation and wisdom.  

  • Governor of São Paulo state with Sri Sri

    Thu, 08/30/2012, Karnataka, India

    Governor of São Paulo state with Sri Sri, August 30

    The Governor of São Paulo state, Mr. Geraldo Alckmin received Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at the Bandeirantes Palace on August 30. The State Secretary of Education, Voorwald Herman, also attended the meeting.

The Governor stressed the importance of maintaining emotional balance in children and adolescents. "Often problems are caused for young people due to stress and excessive family conflicts," said the Governor.  "Why, it was a great honor to receive Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and the board of Art of Living association, they have a great expertise in education," he shared. 

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar discussed with Geraldo Alckmin the ways to a stress-free and violence-free state. They discussed alternatives for peace and the importance of human values. 

  • South Africa

    Tue, 08/28/2012, Western Cape, South Africa

    Promoting spirituality as a bridge of peace, South Africa, Aug. 25-28

    Sri Sri was in South Africa on a three-day visit to promote spirituality as a bridge of understanding and peace.

    On Aug. 25, Sri Sridelivered a speech during 'An Evening of Wisdom and Meditation' lecture at the Chatsworth football stadium in Durban. Hundreds of people were part of the event that saw many dignitaries as well as the Muslim leader YousufSayed.

    Sri Sri inaugurated the International Center of Peace in Cape Town on Aug. 28.

    (picture credits for Durban: kindly give photo credit to: daylife.com)


  • Offering solace in riot-stricken areas

    Thu, 08/09/2012, Assam, India

    Offering solace in riot-stricken areas, Assam, India, Aug. 8-9, 2012

    Sri Sri was toured the riot-hit districts of Chirang and Kokrajhar in Assam last week. If a youngster was doing his best to make “Guruji” hear the woes of the Busugoan Higher Secondary School relief camp in Chirang district, a 60-year old man was angrily recounting how they came running away from death on that fateful day. “With God’s grace, things would be back to normal soon,” was his reassurance. “Insha Allah,” said the old man.

    The energy became contagious as he visited two more Bodo camps. Despite the trauma, only love and faith were palpable among the inmates.  They scrambled to touch his feet and seek his blessings. They cried, they shared their insecurity, they narrated their despair not with remorse, but with the belief that he has come to take them away. He mingled with them, placing a hand of reassurance on their head. Many inmates shared their helplessness with tears in the eyes. Many regretted how long-standing harmony among different communities has been destroyed by the current riot. He reassured them that the Art of Living will work for rebuilding the trust. He listened to their individual sufferings and handed over the items he has brought for them all way from Bangalore.

    He reached out to victims taking shelter at the Kajalgoan Higher Secondary school camp in Chirang. Sri Sri personally ensured every child-bearing mother gets her supply of baby-food. He even directed one of the volunteers to hand over a packet to a lady who was shyly sitting in a corner with her baby on her arms. The same intensity of concern and care reigned as he personally distributed clothes and other items to as many inmates he could at the Vidyapeeth High School in Kokrajhar.

    Sri Sri effortlessly got both the sides to see reasons and talk in conciliatory tones. With the representatives of Bodoorganisations he discussed ways and means of ending the conflict and finding a long-term solution to the problems of Bodoland without communalising it. And to the representatives of All Bodoland Minority Students Union (ABMSU), his advice was of working for harmonious and peaceful co-existence of all the communities in the Bodoland.

  • Honorary doctorate conferred to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

    Sat, 06/16/2012, Drenthe, Netherlands

    June 15


    Sri Sri's address at the 'World Forum for Ethics in Business, Amstelveen, Netherlands

    Diversity is not a threat instead it should be celebrated

    At the dinner table at home, we all sit with our children and teach them good things. But when it comes to business, actions of greediness and selfishness are explained away so easily with phrases like, ‘It is only business, don’t take it personally.’ Read more


    Honorary Doctorate address by Sri Sri

    Happiness has nothing to do with the prosperity

    You once said the body is in the mind, not the other way around. Please explain what you mean by this....Read more

    Read the press release from Nyenrode Business University, Netherlands

  • Maha Satsang

    Mon, 06/11/2012, Art of Living International Center, Bangalore, Karnataka, India


    Meditation makes you lucky

    10 June

    You don’t have to choose a Guru. The Guru Tattva is present in every good thing you learn in life, and wherever you learn it from. In each phase of life, the presence of a Guru will be there. Read more



    Great strength comes to you when you sacrifice

    05 June

    If a person has nothing to sacrifice, and says that I have sacrificed everything - that too is not correct. Despite having everything and fulfilling all duties and responsibilities, a person should have the sense of sacrifice in his mind (Tyaag Buddhi). That is the best. Read more (Watch Video)


    Very strange are the ways of Karma

    04 June

    How many of you have had this experience that without doing any harm to anybody, or anything wrong still people became your enemies. (Many raise their hands) So many! And now tell me, you have not done any big favors and still some people have become your friends. Read more (Watch Video)


    Three kinds of Devotees

    01 June 

    A joyful devotee, who gets lost in fun only, somewhere or the other, he is not able to attain depth and depth is also needed. Read more (Watch Video)


  • Sri Sri's first visit to Kazakhstan

    Thu, 05/31/2012, Astana, Kazakhstan

    Sri Sri was a speaker at the IV Congress of the Leaders of the World & Traditional Religions. This was Sri Sri's first visit to Kazakhstan. 

    Mr Nurlan Iskakov, Hon'ble minister of Environment, Govt of Kazakhstan met Sri Sri

    Sri Sri also interacted with the public at an evening of spiritualism, music and meditation held at the Raddison Hotel in Astana.

  • Maha Satsang

    Mon, 05/28/2012, Art of Living International Center, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

    During this week, over 5 000 people and 1 500 chidren and teenagers, registered for a variety of Art of Living courses in the presence of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.


    May 27

    A goal is needed in life

    My message for the students who have not passed in their exams is that it is not a big thing. Life itself is a learning process, an art. In every stage of life, we learn lessons through success as well as failure. Don't lose your enthusiasm and keep moving ahead. Read more


    May 25

    Consider your life as sadhana

    The sign, by which you identify both the male and female forms, combining them both to form one single symbol to identify the Lord who has no form or identity, who is all pervading in this entire Brahmanda (Creation), is Shiva Lingam. Read more


    May 24

    Faith is the petrol in the vehicle of life

    Sorrow disappears as one progresses on the path of knowledge. The benefit of yoga and meditation is that it removes sorrow from your life. Then you realize the truth, that life is joy and you were unnecessarily worried. Read more


    May 23

    Enlightenment is present in you as a seed

    What we need to understand is that we should know that we already have what we want in life. You start with this intention, ‘I already have what I want’, then what you want will fructify easily. Thinking, ‘I have it’, is like sowing a seed. Read more 


    May 22 

    Longing is the sign of the ripening of consciousness

    Recent research says that we should take more of raw food, raw vegetables, fruits and juices. 80% of our food should be raw and 20% should be cooked. Several people who had brain tumor, cancer, have gotten cured just by having raw food and sun gazing. Read more

  • Sri Sri visits Bulgaria

    Sun, 05/20/2012, Bulgaria

    May 17

    Knowledge turns every nightmare into a sweet dream

    Everything that you have – power, beauty, money, appearance, voice, they are all meant to be put to good use, for the service of others. Then, you find life will be so fulfilling. Read more


    May 16

    Inside a bad person there is a good person hiding

    We are in an age of technology. Technology has shrunk the globe into a village. We are in a global village. I would want to see it as a Global Family. This is my dream, to see the world as a One World Family. Read more