Gnana Yoga - The Path of Knowledge

The path of knowledge is the experiential knowledge of the Self. Though one begins on this path by reading scriptures and listening to the Wise, the knowledge flows from within by the grace.

'Knowledge of the Self brings the mind back to purity.' ~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Gaining knowledge from books and experience

We have read and heard that God is omnipresent, that everyone is divine and that the reality of life lies hidden behind what one can see or touch. For most people, however, this is only a concept. The knowledge gained by reading or hearing only may give rise to the ‘I know it' attitude which feeds the ego and can be an obstacle in one's spiritual evolution.

The wisdom or experiential knowledge of the Self, on the other hand, brings surrender and devotion in one's life. This is the true and highest knowledge; it is wisdom that discriminates between that which is real and unreal.

Raja Yoga – The Royal Path

The royal path or the path of the royals; is the path of knowledge that was given to highly evolved kings. Some consider Raja Yoga as the path of mental discipline.

'The wise, ever steadfast in the knowledge of Self, excels. He gradually evolves and realises the Self.' ~ The Bhagawad Gita