Top 9 Ways To Deal With Pre-wedding Jitters (Part-3)

This is continued from Top 9 Ways to Deal with Pre-wedding Jitters (Part-2)

#8 Take Out Some ME & OUR Time

After all the running around, as you come closer to the big day, it is time for you to unwind and enjoy some ME and OUR time. You can go for early morning yoga sessions or practice at home. This will help you get in shape for the wedding, de-stress you, and make you look radiant.

To get more time to engage with your partner before marriage, you can plan a meditation retreat. You can get together with a few close friends and plan parties and group meditations to de-stress you all. "Find something that you both have in common and make sure you do it together at least twice a week," suggests Anusha Manjani.

You may also opt for the lavender oil massage therapy. Lavender is known to be a great anxiety soother. At least a month before the wedding (two, if you can manage it), is the time to slow down and eat right. You must avoid coffee, fried and junk food, alcohol, and smoking to keep healthy. You can go Ayurvedic in your style of cooking. Make sure you catch enough sleep to bust stress.

#9 Talk It Out With Friends And Family

Remember how good you felt whenever you shared your problems with your confidante? They can be anyone – your parents, granny, cousin, besties, or even someone who's around your age and has recently gotten married. They can tell you exactly how to face it now that it's your turn!

Sometimes a heart-to-heart talk with your partner might also help! She might be going through a similar phase and can understand you more than anyone else.

#10 Learn The Secrets Of A Happy Marriage

Do you know the secret behind happiness before and after marriage?

Even before marriage, you might have noticed how your mind is caught up in thoughts, wondering how things will work out, if ever. Lots of discussions happen between families, and many expectations are to be met. If you want to keep your marriage in the safe zone, here's a secret from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar that you can follow:
For the lady: You should never step on the ego of your man.
For the man: You should never step on a woman's emotions.

A secret for both: You should never ask for the proof of love from your better half. The more you'll demand love, the lesser you'll feel it. Instead, ask them why they love you so much…and see the magic happen.


The 7 Cs Of Marriage

Here are the 7 Cs that will help you lay the foundation of an unwavering relationship, not affected by the storms of doubt: Commitment, Companionship, Compromise, Connectedness, Courage, Compassion, and Confidence.

When Chaos Leads To Bliss

Sana and her husband, Konstantin, are regular meditators. Here's an account of how meditation turned chaos into moments of bliss for them…

We had the craziest possible wedding you can imagine. My fiancé Konstantin and I had so much to do – buy rings, invite friends, book the wedding location, decide on the number of receptions to organize, and print the invitation card (to name a few) in less than two months. We wanted to finalize everything to the finest detail before the wedding, and all this was so stressful. We had to make the best choice amidst all the confusion, and that was possible only because we meditated. Now, when I look back in time, I see those confusing times like a puff of cloud that has vanished into thin air in no time. If I was confused, if there was chaos, I would just become aware of it and my mind would calm down. Making a tough call became so easy then! Our wedding ended on a happy note, and we even posed in meditation to keep the photo as a memoir!

Written by Ravisha Kathuria

Based on meditation inputs by Bharathy Harish, Sahaj Samadhi Meditation teacher