Sri Sri Natya

Do you swing your hands and twirl around when you’re happy?

Do you express joy by jumping up and down and running across a room?

You express the happiness of your mind - by moving your body. You want to simply let go and dance!

It's interesting that many dance movements have their roots in exercise. Indeed, dance is an extension of exercises, performed gracefully!

The neck rotations and eye movements of bharatnatyam are exactly like Yoga Asanas.

The Sri Sri Natyam was born by assimilating dance and yoga.

Note: Bharatnatyam is an Indian classical dance form. Natya Yoga literally means 'Union in Dance'.

Why should I do Natya Yoga?

  • Helps to loose excess weight
  • Increases concentration
  • Activates the right side of the brain – improves the intellectual and artistic abilities
  • Improves co-ordination between limbs
  • Increases lung capacity
  • Lends grace, poise, and beauty
  • Facilitates sound sleep

Feedback: 'I love Natya Yoga!'

According to Islam, dance is considered Haram (that which is prohibited). I, too, was of the opinion that only jobless people got together to do these kinds of things. After six days of Natya Yoga, my perspective totally changed. Everyday was a new experience, and I eagerly awaited the beginning of every class. I experienced such an extreme flow of energy! This is a priceless course that has helped me immensely. I will personally bring as many people to attend it as possible.
Jahir Hussain, Enterpreneur

I have always wanted to learn dance, and I have envied those who can dance. This was such a wonderful opportunity to fulfill my desire. Though the beginning was hard, I felt light after six days. The practice sessions were the most fun.
Gomathi, Staff member, Reserve Bank of India

I feel more relaxed and confident now. I find that I am able to interact much better at work, and hence my work-front relationships have improved.
Padma, Staff member, Air India

The two hours I spent at this course everyday, is something I have never experienced ever before. This course has been able to take me away from my work tension entirely. I feel a lot of peace now. I find this more enjoyable than any party or other kind of dancing. I recommend this to the entire corporate world.
Ramesh, Managing Director of a renowned firm

I have a very stiff body, but I find that these six days have rendered my body light and flexible. I feel happy all the time. It has been very memorable.
Sujatha Krishnan, House wife