14 Jan 2012 - QA 1

Guruji, what is the significance of Makar Sankranti and why are we forgetting our festivals?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

The significance of Makar Sankranti is Uttarayana during makar, which means movement of the sun towards the north direction during makar as the winter comes to an end. One crop having been harvested, they sow the seeds for the next crop.

There are twelve Sankrantis in a year, out of which Makar Sankraanti has been considered most important because from here begins the Uttarayana punya kaal (Uttarayana auspicious period), and Uttarayana is regarded as the period of Divinity (Devatas). Although the entire year is considered auspicious, this period is considered slightly more auspicious. All festivals begin following this.