6 Oct 2011-QA-3

Guruji, it is said that Ravana had ten heads. I am so troubled by just one! How did Ravana manage ten? What do ten heads signify?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

That is why he got into so much trouble and that is why Raama had to come to take care of it.
‘Dashmukh’ (ten-faced) has a meaning to it. ‘Mukh’ means sight or communication; seeing, listening, smelling, speaking; to receive and to project. Ten-faced (dashmukh) does not mean his heads were dangling on both sides, it means projecting/receiving in all ten directions simultaneously.
One with incomparable grace and intelligence is called as ‘Dashanan’, same as ‘Dasharatha.’
Or one whose brilliance radiates in all ten directions is called as ‘Dashanan.’ But if one gets caught up in the ego then suffering will come and he will fall.