Art of Silence

Q: When will the course start and finish?
A: The course will start at 6:00PM on June 26 and will end on June 29 at 5pm.

Q: What is the daily schedule of the course?
A: Sessions start in the morning at 6.00 AM and end at approximately 10:00 PM. There will be breaks for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The timings are subject to change as instructor deems necessary.

Q: If both parents are on the Art of Silence course and the kids are in the kids program, can someone take care of the kids in the mornings?
A: If both parents are enrolled for the Art of Silence course, they should do their morning sadhana in their room so they can be with the kids. The parents are responsible for taking care of their kids during all times the kids are not on any course.

Q: Can pregnant Women attend the course?
A: Yes, pregnant women can attend the course. Please inform the course coordinators (Bhavani and Sanjana) at wc.aos@us.artofliving.org so that we can provide you with any special instructions for the course, if necessary.

Shakti Kriya

Q: What is Shakti Kriya?
A: Shakti Kriya is a powerful cleansing technique that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has designed to bring more clarity and well being in your life. Unlike Sudarshan kriya, Shakti Kriya is taught only in the presence of a teacher. Do not miss this opportunity to experience it in the presence of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar himself.

Q: What are requirements for Shakti Kriya?
A: You need to have taken two Art of Silence courses to be eligible to take the Shakti Kriya course. We also have a mandatory health screening to be eligible for the course. For more information on Shakti Kriya please click HERE

Q: Is Shakti Kriya offered non-residential?
A: Shakti Kriya is a residential program and is mandatory to stay at Hotel Hyatt. You will be have to stay in the hotel for the night of June 30th. If you are taking the Art of Silence course and then Shakti Kriya and have been given devotee housing for silence course, you still need to stay in the hotel for the night of June 30th. For more information contact us at wc.aos@us.artofliving.org.

Q: What are the timings for Shakti Kriya?
A: Registration for Shakti Kriya begins at 5pm on June 29 (if you are also doing the silence course) and at 7am on July 30 (if you're only doing the Shakti Kriya). The exact timings for Shakti Kriya sessions are still TBD.

Q: When can I plan to leave on July 1st?
A: You can plan to leave after the lunch on July 1st.

Q: When does Shakti Kriya start?
A: Shakti Kriya starts on June 30th and ends on July 1st. For more information on Shakti Kriya please click HERE

Q: I have food allergies, whom should I contact?
A: Please send the email to food team at wc.aos@us.artofliving.org with your allergies information

Q: What should I do if I have some special health issues or concerns?
A: Please inform the course coordinators (Sunanda and Rajesh) at wc.aos@us.artofliving.org, so we can provide you with any special instructions for the course.

Youth Courses

Q: If both parents are on the Advanced course and the kids are in the kids program, can someone take care of the kids in the mornings?
A: If both parents are enrolled for the Advanced course, they should do their morning sadhana in their room so they can be with the kids. The parents are responsible for taking care of their kids during all times the kids are not on any course. Art of Living will not provide any childcare during this course.

Q: What do I do if I cannot locate my child?
A: Ideally you should make sure you are on time to pick up your child from their course venue once their session gets over. If for some reason you are not able to locate your child, please make sure that you contact the Hospitality desk.

Q: Will child care be provided?
A: Yes there will be youth courses and child care provided. Please look at child care section to get more information on this.


Q: Does the course fee include housing?
A: No, the course fee only includes course related expenses and all the meals during the course

Q: Can I stay with my friends and family together?
A: Yes, you can for Art of Silence course but not for Shakti Kriya – All Shakti Kriya participants have to stay at Hotel. It is mandatory. Hotel accommodation on June 30th is MANDATORY for Shakti Kriya. Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott and Emabassy Suites are preferred hotels for AOS. Hyatt, Hilton and Marriott are the ONLY hotels for Shakti Kriya programs.
NOTE: Since Hyatt is completely booked, we have extended course participant accommodation at Hilton hotel, located across the venue and Marriott.
More details HERE
To find roommates visit: jgdevents.org/bayarea2014/sharearoom.php

Q: Do I need proof of payment for the hotel room I am staying in?
A: Yes, for Shakti Kriya it is mandatory to show the proof of hotel booking

Q: Can people choose roommates (hotel accommodation)?
A: Yes. To find roommates visit: jgdevents.org/bayarea2014/sharearoom.php​
For more details please contact: Raushni Gupta and Seema Sahay at wc.housing@us.artofliving.org


Q: Will I get free parking at the course venue?
A: Yes, plenty of free parking is available at the venue.

Q: I need transportation from and to the airport. Can transportation team help me?
A: The transportation team does not provide transportation from and to the airport. Participants are responsible for arranging transportation by themselves. However, we have provided a forum where you can post a request asking for rides and contact volunteers who are ready to provide rides. Forum link : http://jgdevents.org/bayarea2014/sharearide_tob.php

Q: I stay at a devotee place. I need transportation from the house to the course venue and back. Will transportation team arrange for me?
A: As most of the volunteers are going to be on course so you have to arrange your own transportation.

Q: I am booked into a hotel close to the venue. Can transportation team help in commuting to the course and back?
A: You have to arrange for own transportation.

Q: I have my kids in the childcare and I am taking the silence course. Will the transportation team help in transporting the kids too?
A: Please write to the transportation team (Prabhat) at wc.aos@us.artofliving.org

Q: Is this transportation only for the silence course or for Shakti Kriya course dates also?
A: We will provide transportation for both the courses Art of silence and Shakti Kriya course.

Q: How do I get to the venue?
A: Please check out our transportation forums page (jgdevents.org/bayarea2014) for details on directions and parking.

Child Care

Q: When I attempt to register it shows my name.
A: Make sure that you include each child separately and put their information in the registration. We need accurate information.

Q: What are the childcare hours?
A: The course corresponds with the daytime session hours from 9 a.m. -5:30 p.m. for the first 3 days and approximately 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. on June 30-July 1. Minor adjustments may be made according to the Art of Silence Instructor’s and Sri’ Sri’s guidance. Rest assured, that if you sign up for childcare you will have childcare during your daytime course hours. However, if your child is in the course, you will need to do your morning practices at home or the hotel before you drop your child. You will also need to make sure he or she has eaten breakfast. In the evening, you may bring your registered child with you for satsang. If they are noisy during the knowledge session (after group Kirtan), you will need to leave with your child.

Q: Why isn’t every single moment I am in the course covered for childcare?
A: Your child cannot maintain a 12 hour schedule. We have developed a schedule that will allow your child to be engaged while you are on the course, but still have the opportunity to see you and partake in other activities, just like if they were in school, a camp or daycare.

Q: Are meals included? Which meals?
A: Lunch and dinner are included in the course fee. They will eat at the same venue as the adults, but will have “child-friendly” food. Breakfast is included on the 2nd morning of Shakti Kriya only, since you will need to stay overnight at a hotel that day. If we have to know any health/allergy related information about your kid, please email Sunanda at wc.aos@us.artofliving.org.

Q: I am staying at the hotel, can I purchase meal passes for the other meals?
A: Yes, please contact Sunanda at wc.aos@us.artofliving.org for information on how to obtain breakfast passes.

Q: What are the childcare options and what courses do they go with?
A: If you are taking Art of Silence only:
   - Art Angels for ages 3-7
   - Art Excel for children ages 8-13
   - YES! For youth ages 14-18
If you are taking Art of Silence + Shakti Kriya:
   - Angels + childcare for ages 3-7
   - Art Excel Extended for ages 8-13
   - YES! Extended For ages 14-18
If you are taking Shakti Kriya only
   - Choose 2-day childcare June 30- July 1.

Q: Why isn’t there a 2-day Art Excel course?
A: The content from Art Excel cannot be covered in 2 days, however it will be covered within 3, as typically Art Excel courses are ~15 hours and this 3-day course will be 27 hours.

Q: Will I eat meals with my child?
A: Yes, we will have you pick up your child for dinner. Once we understand the silence course schedule, we will let you know whether to pick them up at lunch time. We will make sure they get food and snacks at age-appropriate intervals.

Q: Normally Art Excel is less expensive, why does this one cost more?
A: The venue and meals have added an additional cost to this course. It also is significantly longer, so snacks and supplies had to be accounted for. We did everything possible to keep costs as low as possible in these circumstances.

Q: Are there take-away learning in Angels and Art Excel?
A: Angels has a curriculum, but they do not learn a practice. Sri Sri has recommended that at 8 years of age, the mind goes through some changes that make it ready for learning practices. Art Excel participants will learn the children’s kriya, kids yoga and bhastrika along with the Golden Keys.

Q: I only want childcare for Friday, can you provide it for one-day?
A: The childcare we offer corresponds with the offered courses. If you would like 1-day childcare we recommend that you hire a babysitter, or consider a 1-day camp. Steve and Kate’s is one such example: http://steveandkatescamp.com/. Their closest camp is 5 miles from the venue in Sunnyvale.

Q: If I wait until the last minute, can I still have my child join a class or childcare?
A: Space is limited. If childcare is required, it is important that you register your child when you register yourself.

Q: What if I get separated from my child at some point during the course?
A. Before the courses begin, tell your child to go to the Hospitality desk in the event that he/she is separated from you. In the event that this happens, immediately notify a member of the hospitality desk. We will radio all volunteers to notify them of the situation so that your child can be found as soon as possible.