Guru Purnima Celebrations 2012

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    Graduate Programs   Art of Silence Course Course Description Each Art of Silence course is an invitation to dive deep into the Self and enjoy a perfect vacation for mind, body and spirit. Doing the Art of Silence course in the presence of Sri Sri is rare ...
  2. Vedic Wedding

    We are very happy to announce that Vedic Weddings will be conducted at the International Center for Meditation and Well-Being on July 05th. For details, please contact ...
  3. Guru Purnima Celebrations 2012

    His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on the significance of Guru-Purnima “Among the 12-13 full moons in a year the vaishakha full moon is dedicated to Buddha (his birth and enlightenment), jyeshtha full moon to mother earth and the aashadha full moon is dedi ...
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