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  1. Are You Happy?

    May 14 2014
    Every living creature wants to be happy. Whether it is money, power or sex, you seek it for the sake of happiness. Some people even seem to enjoy misery because it gives them happiness! To be happy, you seek something. But despite getting it, you are not h ...
  2. He has mastered the art of ‘human engineering’

    May 12 2014
    Swami Pragyapad, a teacher with Art of Living, says he helps people repair the mind and body to take on challenges of the world Archana PhullShimla “Spirituality is scientific. I have not given up engineering. For me, it is just a shift from chemical to hu ...
  3. Deputy Premier highlights DCCC

    May 8 2014
    Manama: May 6 – (BNA): Deputy Prime Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa received the founder of the Art of Living International Centre, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar who attends the Dialogue between Civilizations and Cultures Conference "DCCC" hosted by ...
  4. Vedanta – The Science of Self Discovery

    Apr 28 2014
    At the heart of Hinduism is a spiritual and philosophical framework known as Vedanta. To understand the distinction between the two, it’s important to understand the origin of the word Hindu. When the first explorers from Persia traveled to India (then kno ...
  5. This is one school of thought

    Apr 13 2014
    From a yoga instructor to the director of Sri Sri Narayana Vidyalayam, Indira Viswanadha’s mission of reaching out to weaker sections has seen new dimensions. A decade ago, her journey of providing free education to the underprivileged groups began with ju ...
  6. 'Lets transform Muzaffarnagar into Mohabbatnagar'

    Apr 14 2014
    LUCKNOW: Situated on the banks of Ganga, Muzaffarnagar had witnessed its worst bloodshed in the spate of communal riots in 2013, which claimed more than 60 lives, while rendering more than 40,000 homeless. However, all is still not lost for this district l ...
  7. Serenity of Silence

    Mar 28 2014
    Happiness, peace and prosperity are wished for by everybody on the New Year. Peace lies within us. As we enter the New Year, let us all take a resolution to become aware of this peace inside and allow our smiles to reflect the true sign of the prosperity t ...
  8. Women Are Born Leaders!!

    Mar 28 2014
    Women have both gentleness and strength. Indian scriptures place tremendous amount of power in women. In fact, the primordial energy known as Shakti which is the life force behind the whole creation is feminine. That is why our scriptures honour women as t ...
  9. Meditation matters to Karanvir Bohra

    Mar 28 2014
    Karanvir Bohra, the Khatron Ke Khiladi's most fashionable young man, who made his mark in Punjabi filmdom with Love Youu Soniye has another side to him. A spiritual side. Very few are aware that he takes short breaks to get away from the stress of the city ...
  10. Youth getting into meditation

    Mar 28 2014
    Gone are the days when meditation and yoga were the business of the elderly. Today, many schools and colleges are organizing optional yoga and meditation classes for children to cope up with increasing stress. And the best part is that the younger generati ...
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