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  1. Red Cross

    Aug 31 2010
  2. Action medeor- Memo

    Aug 31 2010
  3. Now, Art of Living sessions for Tihar inmates

    Jun 5 2007
    Among the meditation courses the inmates have been put through are Vipassana, Sahaj Yog and Divya Jyoti Neeraj Chauhan New Delhi, June 4: OFFICIALS at Tihar jail are putting prisoners through a 10-day ‘Art of Living’ course in yoga, meditation, and breathi ...
  4. Rural Development1

    Devendra Borde A farmer from Vidarbha Before Art of Living, there was depression and debt everywhere. I'm confident that with the zero budget farming taught in the course, the produce will improve and debts will be cleared. Website Section:  Home Loc ...
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