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  1. I am sincerely doing all these practices, but I am not sure that I have changed. I still see myself getting upset and that makes me unhappy.

    Listen, how are you now? Are you happy now? Forget about the past. Are you happy to be here? Are you enjoying? That is it.
    Inside each of us there are two things. There is one thing that does not change. There is a cons ...
  2. Gurudev, how to manage being energetic even with so many responsibilities?

    Meditation! Also, devotion, skill, strength and liberation, you must take these four along. ...
  3. Gurudev, What should I do to make my life more meaningful?

    Accept the fact that since you developed an interest in knowledge, your life has become meaningful. If you want to sit in a satsang, then understand for that, that your life has started progressing on the path of success. ...
  4. Thank you for the experience of the present moment and feeling of the space. I have never thought that going into this deeper and deeper could make me so excited. I want to be hollow and empty every day.

    You are! I know you all enjoy this. This is so beautiful, right! Similarly, the blessing course is also very nice.
    Now, after realising this and doing all that I still want you to be very normal. There is a code of conduct for enlightenment; do you kn ...
  5. Dear Guruji, I feel surprised when I see some people go back to fighting and blaming each other after coming out from an advanced course session. Why does it happen? Why does the message not go beyond, even after a course sometimes?

    Now see, a long habit of fighting, and enjoying the fighting, takes a longer time to go.
    There are a small percentage of people whose behavior cannot be changed overnight, or cannot be changed even in weeks or months. It would take them a while provid ...
  6. Gurudev, is there a limit to expanding?

    Keep expanding, I will tell you! Sit and be in the course 100% and become more hollow and empty. All clarity will come too. ...
  7. You are teaching us that the Guru is inside us. So why do you come and visit me?

    To tell you to go deep inside.
    Why have you come now to do the course? You should have come some other time when I am not here.
    Do you notice what pulls you to come!
    If your heart says I should go now then come. Otherwise, do it when I am not ...
  8. Gurudev, when will the whole world become a beautiful place?

    Just open your eyes, it is already beautiful.
    If you think that it is not beautiful then do some work to make if beautiful.
    This work that we are doing, of meditation, of knowledge will make the world more beautiful.
    In my view, the world is ...
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