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  1. The Perfect Relationship

    If you know how to row a boat, you can row any boat. But if you don’t know how to row, changing boats isn’t going to help. Similarly, changing a relationship does not solve the issue. Sooner or later, you will be in the same situation in any other relatio ...
  2. Gurudev, How can I be both soft and humble, and authoritative at the same time?

    You want to do it? You can do it!
    You don't have to be aggressive in order to be strong, and you don't have to be wiggly-wiggly or weak in order to be soft.
    We think they are opposite qualities and we can only have one of them; no! I would say, yo ...
  3. Gurudev, I have a boss who is manipulative, unethical, and very difficult to work with. I am a dedicated employee but I am not able to work with my boss, what should I do?

    Again I tell you, it is all about vibes.
    Have you noticed, for no reason, you feel aversion towards some people, and for no reason you feel pulled towards some people. It is our vibes that speak, it is our vibes that changes the minds of people. It is ...
  4. Please give me some tips to improve my relationship with my mother-in-law.

    Listen, you have a different scale for your mother and a different scale for your mother-in-law. Now why do you do that?
    When your mother used to scold you, it never really touched you. You are thick skinned when your mother shouts at you or scolds you ...
  5. Gurudev, how can I take my marital relationship to the next level, rather than it just being an ordinary relationship of a husband and wife?

    Both should move ahead together and support each other.
    Sometimes, it may happen that one partner may lose interest in a marital relationship, while the other may still be interested. Then it may seem like things are not working out. This could happen ...
  6. Gurudev, how to ensure that a person does not take you for granted in a relationship?

    Don't worry about it, it is quite natural.
    People take you for granted because they think you belong to them already, and so they only attend to people who are guests.
    You are a part of the family, why should anybody tell you, 'Have you had coffe ...
  7. What is the truth of relationships; after being bitten once I am now twice shy. How do I overcome this fear?

    You are asking this question that means you have already overcome the fear. If you had not, you wouldn't even ask this question. You would just say, ‘Relationships, I am not going to go into it’, and you would have run away.
    Since you don't have that m ...
  8. Are all relationships based on previous karma?

    Do you know, sometimes a soul who wants to come into the world, it picks up one man and one woman and then creates such an attraction between them. So these two people come closer, and the moment they have the first child, suddenly all the love d ...
  9. How to deal with people with a very big ego, especially when their behavior is affecting life and others in a bad way?

    Let them have a big ego, why are you bothered?
    You nurse an even bigger ego than them, there ends the story.
    In fact you will find you have a bigger ego, I tell you.
    Let others have an ego, so what? Why do you sign on a contract of destroyin ...
  10. Gurudev, after doing the Kriya, many times I find myself smiling unconsciously. When I am alone also I keep smiling. I myself don’t know that I am smiling. Everybody thinks that there is something wrong with me. What do I tell them?

    You should take a serious look at yourself if everybody thinks that there is something wrong with you. You must take a serious look.
    If everybody is saying that then it is not okay. You must consider their opinions.
    Here, I won’t say, don’t be ...
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