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  1. How do we protect our mind?

    That is a big job. In the Geeta it is said, even the most brilliant people are confused about what to do and what not to, and how to handle the mind. Protecting the mind is a very great task but to do it we need knowledge. Up to this moment, see all that h ...
  2. Mistakes

    A devotee asked Guruji: Please forgive me if I have committed a mistake. Sri Sri: Why should you be forgiven? You are asking for forgiveness because you feel a pinch and you want to be free from it, isn't it? Let the pinch be there. The pinch will no ...
  3. Misery

    Mind lives on more. Misery starts with "more and more". Misery makes you dense and gross. Self is subtle. To go from gross to subtle, you go through the finest relative... the atom. To overcome aversion, hatred, jealousy, attraction or entanglem ...
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