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  1. Accept Imperfections Perfectly

    Aug 30 2013
    Bangalore, India img_25102013_174312.png How do we deal with constant blame, especially from a dear one? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: See, you get used to anything that is constant (Laughter). So don’t worry about it. If someone constantly keeps blami ...
  2. The Shine In The Sunshine

    Jun 1 2013
    Bangalore, India 17.jpg (Below is a continuation of the post The Cause Of All Causes) Lord Krishna is saying here, ‘I observe everything happening in nature with a sense of apathy (or indifference). I am not attached or affected by it, yet ever ...
  3. The Cause Of All Causes

    Jun 1 2013
    Bangalore, India consciousness-02.jpg (Below is a continuation of the post An Astonishing Secret) The next verse is, 'Sarva-bhutani kaunteya prakritim yanti mamikam. Kalpa-ksaye punas tani kalpadau visrjamy-aham'. (9.7)'Prakrtim svam avastabhya ...
  4. The True Meaning of Celibacy

    Oct 15 2013
    Bangalore, India 16.jpg Gurudev, it is said that Shankaracharya had experienced the pleasures of life by entering into the body of a king. How then could he be considered celibate? Is celibacy (Brahmacharya) of the body or of the mind? Sri Sri ...
  5. Save Yourself The Misery

    Aug 29 2013
    Bangalore, India 15-2.jpg Today is an occasion of celebration. 1100 types of food items have been prepared by our volunteers (referring to the occasion of Annakuta or Govardhana Puja, a day commemorating the day when Lord Krishna lifted Mount G ...
  6. Sri Sri's Message on Janmashtami

    Aug 28 2013
    Bangalore, India bal-gopal-2_1.jpg When skilfulness blossoms within us, then that is Yoga. It is said “Yoga karmasu-kaushalam”. When we do something, we do not do it half-heartedly thinking ‘Will this happen or not?’, or, ‘May be it will be onl ...
  7. What We Get Through Silence

    Oct 4 2013
    Bangalore, India wisdom-18_0.jpg Deep silence and joyful celebrations is what Navratri is all about! It is a time to step out of the worldly things and go into the other world. Gurudev, Dasha Mahavidyas (ten cosmic personalities of Divine Mothe ...
  8. Sri Sri’s Message on Gandhi Jayanti

    Oct 2 2013
    Bangalore, India sri-sris-message-on-gandhi-jayanti_ci.jpg I want to tell you about my teacher who is still alive, and who has completed 116 years of his life. This gentleman taught Mahatma Gandhi the scripture, Bhagavad Gita, when he came back ...
  9. Our True Nature Is Bliss

    Aug 27 2013
    Bangalore, India wisdom-16.jpg Gurudev, Buddhists say they do not believe in God. Even Lord Buddha said that we must not worship idols. Now He too was an enlightened being, so what did he mean by that? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Lord Buddha never ta ...
  10. The World Is A Reflection Of Our Feelings

    Aug 24 2013
    Bangalore, India feelings.jpg You know, we all should take this joy and enthusiasm that we have with us to every village and every home in India. In India, cows are worshipped in the form of mother and are called Gomata (Mother). Research h ...
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